I thought it would be helpful to create a resource page to act as a quick reference of the products and services that I use on a regular basis. This list will be continually evolving as I find different resources that are worth mentioning.

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Ebates — Have you ever wished you could get paid to shop? I have news for you, friends.... You can! Ebates offers cash back on the purchases you already plan to make. The only catch is it's only good for online purchases. That said, if you typically do most of your shopping online, this could mean big bucks for you! How does it work? Lucky for you I have an article dedicated to this question. Go ahead and give it a read, make an account, and watch the big fat checks start rolling in.

Groupon Coupons — I'm sure you've heard of Groupon, and chances are you have used their site a time or two in the past. Well, they now have a nifty coupon service, but unlike their regular model, you don't have to register or purchase anything upfront! They've teamed up with over 8,500 national retailers to offer exclusive discount codes, promos, and coupons for any kind of product or service imaginable. Better news? It's not exclusive to online purchases! 


Fluff Love & CD Science Facebook Group — If you're even considering cloth diapering your child, I strongly suggest joining this group before you make any further moves. This group single-handedly saved my diapers from certain destruction. The ladies are informative, supportive, and cover a wide array of topics pertaining to cloth diapering, such as but not limited to:

  • General Questions
  • Brand Information
  • Fit Checks
  • Laundry Routines
  • Damage Control
  • and much, much more
There are tons of websites out there suggesting products and routines, but believe me, most of this information is incorrect and detrimental to your cloth diapering success. Trust me when I say you need to join this group!

Kelly's Closet — I love Kelly's Closet for my cloth diaper purchasing needs. They are a small business, founded and ran by a cloth diapering mom in Maine, and carry a wide variety of brands, styles and accessories, as well as various other products such as baby carriers, feminine care products, and more. They almost always have a free gift with purchase promo going on; often times with a different product based on the amount spent, and they host amazing Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals! Last, but not least, Kelly's Closet offers rewards points redeemable for gift certificates towards free diapers (among other things)!


In an effort to keep this list reasonable, I'll share the products that are my must-have's, can't live without, and can't be substituted (unless I find a better version, upon which this list will be updated). I do change some products on occasion, but the items listed here are regular top players on my team of cleaning pro's.

Heinz Cleaning Vinegar — Yes, cleaning vinegar is different than standard vinegar. There's an extra 1% acidity that makes it antibacterial, which is what you want if you're cleaning, especially when cleaning kitchens and bathrooms. Vinegar is an amazing household cleanser! It's also extremely cost effective. Dilute with water (if needed, and check your ratio, please), and you can use it just about everywhere and on just about anything! I've stopped using bleach on everything (gasp!) and have switched to vinegar, and I can tell you, it works beautifully. Don't be concerned about lingering odors either, because there isn't any. It dries super fast, and any odor disappears once it has dried. Save some money, and space in your cleaning arsenal, and switch to cleaning vinegar. You can thank me later.

Peppermint Essential Oil — I love this stuff for odor elimination, and primarily use it on my kitchen garbage when changing the bag. I mix it with water in a generic spray bottle (label it for safety, please), and spritz in the can before placing the new trash bag inside. It eliminates any funk and dries without issue, leaving a mild peppermint scent (which I love) to linger for a short while. Why not just use a product like Febreeze? Well, Peppermint Essential Oil has antibacterial properties, and acts as a pest deterrent, which is especially helpful in the kitchen! Bonus: Peppermint Essential Oil has mood-elevating properties as well, and I can attest that whenever I spritz my mixture, I feel happier. Yay!

Pine Sol (Sparkling Wave Scent) — Remember how I said I stopped using bleach on everything? For years I used bleach to clean my toilet bowl. Well, I purchased some Pine Sol for a particular cleaning project during our master bathroom renovation, and had this entire bottle leftover, so I figured I'd use it to clean my toilet bowl since it was a suggested use stated on the bottle. Result? Sparkly clean toilet bowls, no fumes, no splash-can-ruin-clothing risk, and I must say, I do enjoy the scent. It has a very fresh scent, so I don't have to worry about visitors being sensitive to it if I recently cleaned. While the scent of bleach does trigger "clean" in my brain, I haven't had any regrets switching to Pine Sol for my toilet bowl needs.

Pledge Dust & Allergen Furniture Spray — I was an avid Swiffer Duster user, until I noticed that my dusted surfaces weren't staying dust-free for long. As in, the next day they were dusty again. No bueno. After watching some cleaning routine videos on YouTube (yeah, that's a thing), I noticed many people were using a furniture spray for dusting. I decided to give one a whirl, choosing the Dust & Allergen variety due to my husband's allergies, and have been thrilled with the results. It has a very pleasant scent, gets my surfaces clean, and keeps them clean! I actually enjoy dusting now. Thank you, Pledge, because that was no small feat!

Swiffer Sweeper Vac — If you have hardwood or tile, you need this in your life. A broom and dustpan does not an equal substitution make. I first purchased my Sweeper Vac in 2009 when we moved to a house that had mostly hardwood flooring. The Sweeper Vac cut my cleaning time substantially as it not only dusted, but sucked up any crumbs, hair, or other debris without issue. I could blast through my house and have sparkling clean floors afterwards. Fast-forward to 2015 and I'm still using my Sweeper Vac to clean my hardwood and tile floors. I love how fast and effective it is, and how inexpensive the replacement parts are, such as the sweeping cloths and filters. I'd also like to add it's super compact, and can be hung in a closet on a 3M hook without issue!

Windex Multi-Surface Vinegar Cleaner — I mention this product in case you aren't interested in purchasing the cleaning vinegar and making your own spray mixture. Windex's Vinegar version is ammonia-free, and works beautifully at cleaning counters, mirrors, and more. Basically, all the stuff I said about cleaning vinegar, but readily made and more expensive. Still, a good product!

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