Hello! Welcome to a Modern Mrs. I'm Kristen Alvis; the thirty-something wife and mother of two, new Oregonian, small business owner, chai latte lover, and super rad lady.... if I do say so myself.

I'd like to say I'm pretty basic, but I do have my challenges. I have OCD, anxiety, and Ulcerative Colitis. I'm a ritualistic, worrisome, autoimmune-deficient mess sometimes, but don't let that scare you away! Most of the time I'm a fun-loving, serial socializer who loves to crochet!

I love white wine, cream cheese and sweets in general, skinny jeans, hoodies, scarves, and am obsessed with changing my hair. I rarely talk on the phone, but will IM and text all the live long day. I'm always looking for a good deal, and will rarely buy anything if it's not on sale. My ideal afternoon is spent outside discovering this amazing city (Portland) I now call home!


First up, J, a.k.a The Hubs. He's a techie by trade, but definitely fits the stereotype. He's a diehard Ravens fan who enjoys drinking and brewing craft beer, chowing down on spicy cuisine, and playing guitar. (He's so talented!) He spends his free time weight lifting, watching videos about weight lifting, and reading how to be better at weight lifting. It's all about the gains, folks. Oh, and lately, learning how to fly his new drone! What can I say.... He's my simple, easy-going guy!

Any tech-related products are not only tested by myself (and possibly my kids), but get the final inspection by The Hubs.

Then there's L, my eldest daughter. She's a pre-teen. Yes, I can sense your sympathies, and they're appreciated. She's a gentle soul, extraordinarily helpful, a bookworm, and aspiring chef. (She hopes to be on Masterchef Junior some day!) She spends her free time nose deep in a mystery, building Lego masterpieces, or leveling up on World of Warcraft.

You may not see much of her on the blog these days. These are those curious years where they spend most of their time in their room, and would rather do their own thing than spend time with the rest of the family. /sigh. That said, she's all about trying and doing new things, and she likes to contribute to the blog as best she can, so you may read more about/from her than you see her. Fair?

Next, E, my youngest daughter. She's pushing 18-months, and is just getting the hang of this walking thing. She's my spirited child. A red-headed spitfire of a cuddlebug who knows what she wants, and there's no swaying her. When she's not tearing up my living room, she's stuffing her face full of veggies, or entertaining us with her lively dialogue.

Her favorite toys are her play kitchen and all the pretend groceries that lie therein, V-Tech® Go Go Smart Friends Busy Sounds Discovery Home, and books. Books! This kid loves her books!


a Modern Mrs. is a lifestyle blog featuring a mish-mash of topics that vary from my family's random adventures, to (mostly) healthy recipes, product reviews, helpful tips and guides, DIY/craft projects, and much more.

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