When Your Kids Drive You Crazy


When Your Kids Drive You Crazy — a Modern Mrs.
Yesterday was one of those days. If you're a parent, odds are you already know where I'm going with this. You're probably nodding along right now as an act of solidarity. Mama said there would be days like this....

E hadn't slept well hardly at all the night before, and took zero naps. That's right... not a one. Combine lack of sleep with cutting back teeth, and you have a tiny tyrant hell bent on watching the world burn. It was a loooong day. (Said with extreme exasperation.) In fact, I had planned on writing this post yesterday, while the feelings of overwhelming frustration and defeat were welling up inside me, but I just couldn't focus enough to move a finger.

I was frozen in desperation.

You see, when E is screaming, crying, and/or whining, my brain tweaks out and malfunctions. As in, when a tube television used to go out, and there would be "static" on the screen.... that's my brain when E is making screaming/crying/whining sounds. It's a problem.

Let's also talk about how my breastmilk is drying up. E isn't handling that well. We have tried many, many things, but she really is insistent on only having breastmilk. That, too, is a problem. So, there I am sitting at my desk trying so hard to get some things accomplished, and I have this unbearable toddler hanging on me.... completely unhinged.... because she's tired, but won't sleep, and hungry, but won't eat. She's also now so upset, that she has forgotten why she was upset in the first place, and is now just upset because she's upset. We are now in our fifth straight hour of tears and noise.

I am now tiptoes away from insanity. Lord, save me from myself....

Perhaps you don't have a toddler. Perhaps you have older children who are driving you crazy. Like my L, who lately has just com-plete-ly lost her mind. I can rationalize her behavior and chalk most of it up to hormones, but OH MY SWEET BABY JESUS.... if this child doesn't get a grip!

Despite trying my hardest to be gentle, she will fly off the handle at the smallest, least triggering thing, and then it snowballs into a fiery ball of disaster before I can even process what has happened. Or, how about when I've asked/told her 1,000,000 times that she needs to pick up her dirty clothes, make her bed, etc. etc., and it doesn't get done. Then, when I mention how she needs to do it, she goes from 0 to 60 in a nanosecond about how she knowwsss, but somehow it's my fault that it didn't/doesn't get done, and now I'm the bad guy, so let's talk about all the things I've done wrong in her ten years of existence.

Oh, okay....

Then there's the reality that your garbage is piling up because someone (I won't name names) hasn't taken the recycling out in two weeks, and the trash can is full because you were hoping if it got unruly enough, said person/people would notice and take initiative. But, no, so there it sits.

And there's ish all over your counters, because you're in a smaller place, and haven't had the funds to replace vital storage/organizing furniture that didn't make the move.

Aaand there's laundry that is spewing out from everywhere because the aforementioned toddler hasn't slept, and is unhappy with being, so you can't take the five minutes to manage it. Because, if you actually got that five minutes, you'd use it to use the bathroom, or get something to drink (since you have only had one cup of coffee all day), or something to eat (since you only had one cold waffle all day).

And just like that... you're in the looney bin.

Don't worry, I still love my kids.

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