Live from Portland! Settling In, Getting Down to Business + Planner Brainstorming


Live from Portland! Settling In, Getting Down to Business, and Planner Brainstorming — a Modern Mrs.
Whoooo is back in the saddle? Meee! Geeze, man... I never thought I'd get back on here. It has been about three weeks since we landed in Portland, and have started our new life here. There are still boxes that need unpacking, curtains that need hanging, and roots to be planted, along with the other standard new-doctor-shopping, regular day-to-day doing 'ness. In fact, I really should be using this nap time to mop my very dirty floors, but I was afraid if I didn't get this post written, it would never happen.

This is real life, folks.

I often wonder how these other bloggers do it. Especially with several children under the age of five. I mean, I only have one under five, and she keeps me from getting much done often. I always have these aspirations delusions of grandeur that I'll get x, y, and z accomplished in one day.... but gone are those days. Now? Now I'm lucky if I get to enjoy an entire cup of coffee without microwaving it nine times. Now I'm extremely lucky if any meaningful cleaning gets done, and triple points if I can manage more than one area of the house in the same day. I haven't even touched on any blogging business that needs to happen, or sticker designing that needs doing.!

/shrugs it off. What can ya do? So, here I sit writing this update. The floors will get done eventually.... I hope.

Portland Life

We love it here! Seriously.... we haven't even really done anything besides roam around NE and SE a bit, and take the kids to the zoo, but it is so nice here! The hills are gorgeous, the people are amazingly friendly, and having come from a place where there was only like three places to do any sort of shopping... the options are so convenient.

Our townhome is pretty nice, too. It's not without (albeit small) issues, but it's a great temporary home while we wait to sell our house back in Maryland, and shop for a home here. It's cozy, and I am really loving less square feet to maintain. It's much easier to keep up on, especially since E doesn't allow me much "keeping up on."

There's still lots to do that we have a small window of time to do in, such as getting our Oregon driver's licenses, registering our vehicles, and more, but I'm trying to find a balance in doing those things, while still having time for blogging and sticker-making. I mean, Christmas is coming, y'all! The clock is ticking!

Getting Down to Business

Speaking of which, I've had some campaigns I need to reply to, and some post planning that needs to happen. I have recipes I want to make and share, crafts I'd love to make, and more. I'd love to know if there's anything you'd like to see! Please feel free to share in the comments.

Planner Brainstorming

I haven't planned since before we moved. I've been going through a bit of withdraw, but thankfully YouTube and Instagram have helped keep me in check. I'd like to begin working on some holiday-themed printables for the shop. Is there anything in particular you'd be interested in seeing? Would you like another sampler a la the fall sampler? Perhaps skip Christmas and start working on New Year's, or more functional stickers? Your feedback is important!

Honorable Mention : Crochet

Oh, and I haven't forgotten about crochet. That, too, is on my "need to get back into" list. I need to get some things made and up in the shop. I was thinking hats and scarves since 'tis the season, but other small pieces would be nice too, and I'd love to know what those may be for you? Blankets take a bit too much time, so I can't get into those right now, but I'm definitely interested in working on other things. Chime in, crochet lovers!

That's all I have for you today. I hope I still have some readers after my hiatus, but what can I say other than life is unpredictable, especially mine. I try to remain consistent, but when you decide to pick up and move across the country, that goes out the window. ☺

What have you been up to while I've been away? Are you in the Portland area? Anything you'd like to recommend we do that's kid-friendly? Please share!

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