Etsy Shop Opening + My Life is Chaos


Etsy Shop Opening — a Modern Mrs.
This is my third attempt at a blog post in two days, and I'm currently writing as E screams in protest. Lately, between coordinating a cross-country move, illness, and general growing pains, my life is a complete, bumbled mess. E doesn't sleep, blog work doesn't happen, and I don't remember what sleeping for longer than one hour feels like. /yawn

I'll make this brief seeing as how my youngest is currently terrorizing me verbally, but I wanted to hop on here and post something. I know there's been a lot of planning-related posts lately, and I definitely have other topics planned for the moment I get a few minutes of peace, but for today, I wanted to share my Etsy shop has officially opened!

Currently I have two sticker printables for sale, and I have several work-in-progress crocheted pieces that will eventually make their way for sale as well. I have a women's slouchy beanie, a baby blanket, and some kids lovies, and I hope to crank out a scarf to pair with the beanie if I can get everything finished before the big move. Ambitious, I know. I'm a glutton for punishment.


If you're at all interested in planning sticker printables, head on over to my shop and check them out! I'm offering 10% off with the code "OPENSHOP" through tomorrow, but I may extend it to the end of the week. If you do purchase one, and use it in your planner, please share it on Instagram with the hashtag #amodernmrsprintable!

I'm off to console a fussy baby. Wish me luck....

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