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I am officially converted. Having never been a fan of one brand of baby spoon in particular, nor having an opinion one way or the other, after having tried NUK and Gerber Graduates' Rest Easy® Spoons, I will forever praise the wonders of this utensil!

E has been on table food for some time now (she's currently a year old), and only recently has developed an interest in attempting to self-feed using a spoon. We had been using Munchkin's Soft-Tip Infant Spoons, and while they are good spoons, they just weren't working for us anymore. She's getting bigger and her needs are changing, and I disliked how the Munchkin spoons always rolled over. So, when looking for a new option while at Target, I spotted the NUK Gerber Graduates Rest Easy® Spoons, and was instantly intrigued.

The first thing I noticed was the size of the spoons. The handles are longer than most, which is a great advantage when working out of jarred baby food, and the mouth of the spoon is elongated as well. It has a squared off shape, and is soft enough for baby's mouth, but is firm enough for wiping off excess food. E can comfortably feed herself without issue. Yay for no gagging!

Of course, we can't forget about the Rest Easy® feature, which is a supportive "foot," for lack of a better word, that prevents the spoon from rolling over. This is especially helpful when eating out, because I would really prefer her spoon not flop all over the table. Hey, you just never know....

NUK Gerber Graduates Rest Easy® Spoons Review — a Modern Mrs.
NUK Gerber Graduates Rest Easy® Spoons are BPA-free, Phthalate-free, and PVC-free, and are top rack dishwasher-safe. We have been using ours for several weeks now, having gone through multiple washings, and haven't had any issues. (I recommend Munchkin's Deluxe Dishwasher Basket for keeping spoons, straws, lids, valves, and other baby feeding essentials secure.)

When we first purchased these Rest Easy® Spoons, we still had other spoons in our rotation (Gerber Soft-Bite, The First Years Take & Toss, and Munchkin Soft-Tip). However, as of late, we are exclusively using Rest Easy® Spoons! I'm actually in need of more so I don't have to wash the same ones as frequently. I see these spoons easily taking us into toddlerhood, up until she needs something a little more standard, at which point we'll try the Kiddy Cutlery® Set. I mean, we've enjoyed the Rest Easy® Spoons so much, it only makes sense to stick with the NUK Gerber Graduates line!

They make great teethers, too! ☺

If you are about to, or have recently moved past the initial baby spoon phase, and are looking for something to get you through till your loved one needs a cutlery set, I highly recommend NUK Gerber Graduates Rest Easy® Spoons. They're super affordable ($2.99 for a 5-pack), very safe, look pretty rad, and meet all our needs wonderfully!

BONUS: Just in case you need a little push to try these Rest Easy® Spoons, visit NUK's website for a $1.00 off coupon for one NUK or Gerber Graduates tableware product!

Are you eager to try these spoons?

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