My First Plan with Me Video + What I Learned


My First Plan with Me Video + What I Learned — a Modern Mrs.
I've officially crossed over into the planner world. I took the giant leap, and my world will never be the same. You see, I just posted my very first Plan with Me video, and even though it was a struggle in true noob fashion, I'm glad I did it, and I can't wait to film more!

Sure, it's not as pretty as what you're used to seeing (first timers usually aren't), but with this being only my second week trying this out, I don't think I did half bad. I learned a lot in what I can manage, what I'm looking for in layout, and what will and won't work for me with regard to sticker usage. (You'll see this in the video.)

I'm definitely lacking in the decor department, and I didn't think to write down some of the little things that I recently learned other people include, such as laundry days, meal tracker/planning, etc. I do these things, but I didn't write them down. I also didn't include the weather, but I filled those in afterwards. I've been down on myself about my spread because I thought it looked a bit busted with my lackluster stickers and whatnot, but I came across a video where she used scrapbook paper and turned them into stickers with craft glue. Um... yes! I may implement that next week. (You can watch that video here.)

Aaaanyway... I filmed a Plan with Me, and here it is in all its beginner glory:

First and foremost, I learned where I placed my camera is not going to work. I wasn't sure where other YouTubers placed their cameras, but I'm guessing it's in front of them on their workspace. I'm going to give that a whirl next time, and hopefully that will provide a better view, and eliminate the out-of-frame issues I experienced here.

I learned the to-do boxes will not work for blog-related tasks. I simply need more space to write those in. Moving forward I will use those for personal tasks, and utilize the lined space for my blog tasks.

I learned maybe just purchasing some cute icon stickers will help dress up my planner, without the need for full boxes, half boxes, functional stickers, headers, etc. I'm still not 100% decided in the sticker department — I'm just trying to figure how to dress things up without spending a fortune. This is supposed to be budget-friendly, remember? I mean, it is hard to resist those adorable stickers, but I must prevail!

I'm still pulling inspiration from other planners. Do you use a horizontal planner? Do you have a favorite planner who does? Share the love, friends!

Lastly, I created that nifty outro clip yesterday. I worked hard all day and night on that thing, and once it hit YouTube, the in-frame clip was all pixelated. This is a learning process, folks. I will work on that and hopefully have a clearer outro for you next time.

As I've said, we'll figure this out together. ♥

Until next time,

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