a Crumby Weekend, a Planner Haul + My Etsy Shop


a Crumby Weekend, a Planner Haul + My Etsy Shop — a Modern Mrs.
I had the crumbiest weekend of all crumby weekends, folks. The.crumbiest. It all started Friday when the kids and I were involved in a minor accident. We are all okay, thank goodness. My car... Well, I won't know the extent of the damage until tomorrow, but I'll get to that shortly. I want to start with the low, but end on a high. This post will be a little lengthy as far as my posts go, so grab a cup of tea, and let's hang a minute.

Friday.... Dun dun dunnn.

So, Friday. It started off well, but we were due to have a showing of our house from 1-2pm that day. The showing never happened, because the agent who was supposed to show it was late. However, said agent never bothered to tell me she was going to be late. So, I was out of the house for the hour, made it home, and a few minutes into being home got the call that she was "10 minutes late," (from when?!) and wanted to know if she could still show the house. I then had to explain we just got home, and E and I needed to eat, but that I had a coffee date at 2:30 and they could show the house then.

Well, E never took her much-needed nap, so I had to rush through the two videos I wanted to film that day. That was not fun. Then, we were supposed to have dinner plans at my parents, so after I filmed the videos, I loaded the kids into the car and was on my way.

Then it happened.

We got in an accident. It was no one's fault — just a freak thing that sometimes happens, unfortunately. Anyway, we had to deal with that for several hours, and the rest of Friday was a complete bust because I had never been in an accident before, and had all the feels and worries that come along with having one.

Saturday. Happier times, yay!

Fast-forward to Saturday, and I had to get a car rental, and find out if our car seat needed to be replaced. You see, it's general policy that any time you are involved in an accident, the car seat will need to be replaced. It's a safety precaution, because there's no way to tell if the restraints have been stretched, and the restraints are what protect your child. I couldn't get anyone certified to check ours out, and we were coming up on needing to upgrade from our infant carrier anyway, so I just decided better safe than sorry, and went to purchase one.

$254 later....

We are the proud owners of a Graco 4Ever All-in-One Convertible Car Seat. We purchased ours from Target, but you can also find one at Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby, Target, and Walmart. It regularly retails for $299.99, but ours was on sale at Target for $45 off, and currently it's also on sale on Amazon for the same price (free shipping, heyyy)!

a Crumby Weekend, a Planner Haul + My Etsy Shop — a Modern Mrs.
Our Graco 4Ever car seat is the "Nova Fashion," which is a fashion exclusive to Target. It features a steel blue detail, which I love. I like that it's gender neutral, but I think it's also very stylish.

This car seat is really the Rolls-Royce of car seats. It's designed to be the only car seat you'll ever need, as it safely accommodates a child from 4 lbs. to 120 lbs. It goes from car seat, to high-back booster, to booster seat. I was impressed with the safety rating, and the NHTSA Ease-of-Use Rating (four stars). I'm a little sad to see our infant carrier go, but I'm really excited for our new car seat, and I know it will be kind to us for years to come. (Psst. E thinks it's pretty rad, too!)

I'd love to tell you more about this car seat. If you're interested, please, let me know in the comments! ☺

My Very First Planner Haul

Whoa! Wasn't I just saying I wasn't sure if I was going to purchase a planner? Yes, I was. (You can read allll about that here.) Well, the day after that post went up, I was in Walmart for a couple of things, and I thought I'd just go look and see if they had any nice planners. I mean, I certainly wouldn't have to worry about spending $50, and that was my biggest hang up.

Needless to say, I bought one. It's pretty awesome. I filmed a haul since I couldn't just buy the planner.... and because, you know, I also had to go to Target for planner-related supplies. Of course! I also went to Dollar Tree, but that was after my haul, and I showcased my goodies on IG, so you can check that out there.

I'm waiting to do a Plan With Me video till I do my first week. Just so I can figure out what I like/don't like, and because I still want to hit up Hobby Lobby and Michael's for stickers. I need functional stickers, yo. And washi. Because washi, folks.

My Etsy Shop. Whaaaat?

Yep, you read that right. A little while ago I created an Etsy shop. You see, I crochet whenever I have a hot minute, and I've been kicking around the idea of selling my creations for a long time. Well, fall is here, and it's my favorite season. It's also prime time for hats, scarves, and baby-related photo props. I figured it couldn't hurt to open up a shop, post a couple things, and see what happens, so here's an awesome link to my new Etsy shop!

I don't have anything up for sale right now. I've just started working on a puff stitch beanie, and once it's finished, I'll take some pictures and put them up as custom orders. I also plan on making some totes adorbs pumpkin beanies for babies!

Aaaand, I'm totally looking into how to make stickers for planning. I'm mostly interested in making them for my own use, but hey... if I do a good job, I might post some on the shop. /fingerscrossed!

And with that, I must bid you adieu.

That's all I have to share with you today, friends. Here's hoping this week turns out better than last. Look forward to a new review this week, and a giveaway! Don't forget to let me know in the comments if you're interested in a review of the Graco 4Ever All-in-One Convertible Car Seat, and hey, why don't you share something good that happened to you this weekend?

Thanks for hanging in there with me,

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