Back-to-School Style with Old Navy


Back-to-School Style with Old Navy — a Modern Mrs.
It may be September, but back-to-school season is still in full swing around here. In fact, some schools are just now returning for the new year! L started school a week ago, but was in need of fall clothes for when the weather cools down. Currently our weather is all over the place. One day it's cool, the next boiling hot, and the next somewhere in the middle. Mother Nature is clearly confused. That said, we needed some outfits that could accommodate our unpredictable weather.

Old Navy is currently having a huge sale, with many items up to 60% off. The closest Old Navy store to us is an Old Navy outlet, and we were able to score some pretty good sales there as well. We were pretty impressed with the selection in the girls' department. Lots of neutrals, trendy pieces, and the most adorable chambray high-tops! I wasn't even planning on purchasing shoes, but when we saw those, we just had to have them.

We went in knowing L wanted a skirt and cardigan combo, and a sweater with leggings combo. The first thing she spied was a patterned circle skirt. We based the rest of the outfit around it.

Back-to-School Style with Old Navy — a Modern Mrs.
L opted for a plain white shirt as the top. Everyone can use a plain white shirt, and she had outgrown her only plain white tee. This hi-lo tee has a wide neckline, and feels super comfy. Paired alone with the skirt, it makes for a great spring/summer outfit. As you can see on the right, when paired with a boyfriend cardigan, it works for fall weather too. We also purchased some navy blue knit tights to make sure she stays cozy once it cools down.

Back-to-School Style with Old Navy — a Modern Mrs.
A scarf would've been too busy, so L chose a wooden beaded necklace of mine. I haven't worn jewelry in a long time (E isn't jewelry-friendly), so I was happy to lend it to her to complete her outfit.

Next up is her legging combo. L loves wearing leggings in the cooler months, and black leggings are a must for her wardrobe. She had outgrown all of her black leggings from last season, so when I saw a two-pack of lace-trim leggings for $10, I had to scoop them up!

Back-to-School Style with Old Navy — a Modern Mrs.
For her top, L chose another versatile piece; this drop-shoulder, hi-lo, long-sleeved tee. (That's a lot of hyphens...) She chose grey so she could have room with her scarf selection, and this tee works wonderfully with the patterned circle skirt! I love mix-and-match pieces!

I didn't even realize this top went with the skirt until we got home, and I had sorted it for the wash. I think L knew it from the get-go, though... She didn't seem surprised when I told her. #momfail

Back-to-School Style with Old Navy — a Modern Mrs.
With this ensemble, L got her scarf, and what a scarf! I admit, I'm a little envious. Although, I'm not above borrowing this from her on occasion. This is the Patterned Gauze Scarf in White Bird. We tied the ends together to make it an infinity scarf, which worked out beautifully for this outfit.

Back-to-School Style with Old Navy — a Modern Mrs.
And we can't end this post without another shout-out to these a-ma-zing shoes! These are Old Navy's Chambray High-Tops, and you your kid needs them in their life. Seriously. Chambray shoes? Polka dot laces? Adorbs. They work with both of L's outfits (three if you count the surprise pairing), and what doesn't go with chambray?

L is very much like her mother (that's me) when it comes to fashion. We love style, but not if it sacrifices comfort, and certainly not if it sacrifices our budget. We were able to purchase two tops, two leggings, a shirt, skirt, scarf, and shoes for less than $100 with this sale. My wallet is happy, my girl is stylish, and she can now go into the fall season appropriately dressed.

Will you be shopping Old Navy for your children's back-to-school clothes?

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