Become a Handwriting Hero #BICFightForYourWrite


Become a Handwriting Hero #BICFightForYourWrite —
You know, I can't count how many times I've said over the years, "How do they expect kids to sign official documents if they don't learn cursive?" I usually follow with, "They certainly can't buy a house printing their name on the dotted line." Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if that's the way this country is headed, but I would be exceedingly disappointed.

Cursive aside, handwriting is an essential part of our lives. Even though technology is dominant in our culture, there is still a use, and need, for handwriting. Sadly, it is falling to the wayside. Penmanship isn't taught anymore, cursive isn't required in public schools (at least in my area of Maryland), and our children are suffering for it.

I'd like to point out this is not a sponsored post. I happened across BIC's Fight For Your Write mission while browsing Bloglovin', and was instantly on board. Not only because of my feelings regarding handwriting, but because I am a huge advocate for reading, and writing helps kids become better readers.

BIC Kids Mechanical Pencil #BICFightForYourWrite —
BIC has a ton of interesting facts regarding how handwriting positively affects our kids in their studies and overall development, but I would like to mention handwriting engages 14 different abilities! That's impressive! For those of you who think handwriting isn't a "big deal," I beg to differ, and it's never too early to install a love of handwriting in your children.

While browsing some of BIC's latest products, I purchased some new pens for myself, a pack of Velocity Mechanical Pencils for L, and their (new?) Kids Mechanical Pencil for E for when her motor skills are developed enough to hold onto it. I must say, I was very impressed with the Kids Mechanical Pencil! I've never seen anything quite like it. It was developed by teachers, is ergonomically designed for use by both lefties and righties, has break-resistant lead, and has a separate eraser for ease-of-use. There's also a set of three name stickers included. How cute!

Become a Handwriting Hero #BICFightForYourWrite —
Handwriting doesn't become less important after grade school, either. When I was taking college classes, just a little over a year ago (and I'm 30), I took handwritten notes. For me, and this may be true for many of you, writing down what I was hearing helped to reinforce the information, and the act of turning the pages of my notes before exams really made a difference for my test results. Similarly, writing note cards and studying them is still a very effective tool.

Outside of academics, I still use handwritten shopping lists, to-do lists, and hey — you aren't going to print off every envelope you need to mail, are you?

I'm sorry to break it to you, Hallmark, but handwritten thank you notes are so much more meaningful!

All that said, I encourage you to join BIC and I in our mission to save handwriting, and Fight For Your Write! Become a handwriting hero by taking BIC's pledge and spreading the word! Added bonus: BIC is continuing their partnership with, and will again donate one pen or pencil for everyone who takes their pledge to save handwriting, with a maximum donation of 200,000!

Do you encourage handwriting at home? Is handwriting important to you?

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