Oregon Bound


Oh, yeah... You read that right. The Alvis family is changing coasts, moving entirely across the country, approximately 3,000 miles, to Oregon. Portland, specifically, and we are so excited! Things have been, and will continue to be crazy until we finally make the trip and settle in, so bear with me. Things have been nuts for the last year anyway, but I'm still here, and am trying to get back into my groove.

You may be wondering, "Have you seen Portlandia?" Yes, we have. You may also be wondering, "Why Oregon?" Well.....

Maryland has been good to us and all, seeing as how my husband and I were born and raised here, and have had two kids here, but things just aren't "cutting it" anymore. It started with financial hardship, but mainly, we are at a place in our lives now that we have realized we just aren't getting much out of life. Financial strain and the lack of job opportunities have left us pretty much unable to do anything, and our family is suffering for it.

We want more out of life. For us, for our kids, for our family.

So, that lead us to look for other opportunities, and we figured if we were leaving Maryland, we could go anywhere. We began searching pretty broadly at first, and in that wound up with a top four. Oregon was our number two initially, but quickly became our number one once we looked into it further. Next thing we knew, J was getting interviews, and we started doing some serious research into the Portland area. The climate was a big plus for us (despite the current unusual heat wave), the amenities the city has to offer, the multitude of outdoor recreation pretty much all around, and the culture. Rural life has been nice, sure, but we felt urban living would benefit our children, and make them more well-rounded individuals.

Speaking of our kids and their well-rounded-ness... That was something that had been on our minds quite frequently as of late. The life skills they would gain in their day-to-day living in the city will almost effortlessly prepare them for adulthood, which is not something they could have in our part of Maryland. On a related note, I recently came across an article that discusses the benefits for children living in urban areas, and I found it to be very enlightening! I really encourage you to give it a read, regardless of whether or not you're considering a major move.

Another thing that really drew us in was the bike-friendliness of Portland, and the forward-thinking inhabitants therein. I'm also pretty stoked about the option to (reasonably) walk to most things, like the grocery store, post office, a boutique, restaurant, park.... You get the idea.

Then, we got the news.... J was hired!

08/19/2015 Update: J is currently en route to Oregon. He left yesterday (Tuesday), and plans to arrive in Oregon no later than Saturday. The kids and I are staying behind in Maryland until our house sells, which will helpfully be soon. Otherwise, we'll attempt to rent it out. One way or another, we are going to be Oregonians!

That's all I have for you now. Have some questions? Leave them in the comments! Are you from Portland? Tell me all about it! We're very excited for this new adventure, we can't wait to get started, and we can't wait to share it with you!

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