Wrap vs. Carrier — One Mother's Thoughts #Babywearing


Wrap vs. Carrier — One Mother's Thoughts #Babywearing
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Whether you're having your first or second child, one or multiples, you may have considered babywearing, and with all the options out there nowadays, you may be wondering if one method is better/more convenient than another. With me, I initially considered babywearing as a possible solution to getting things done around the house, or making things easier for myself while grocery shopping. I wondered if E was going to be a fussy baby, and how that would affect my ability to keep up with the house. I decided to look into a wrap, and scored a really good deal on a Boba Wrap from a friend of a friend. Fast-forward to today, E is seven-weeks-old, and I have had ample time to develop an opinion regarding the wrap, as well as test drive a Baby Björn on loan from a neighbor.

I must add, at the time of this post I have not yet tried a ring sling, though it is definitely something on my wishlist. If/when I'm able to get one, I'll update this post with how it compares to a wrap and carrier. In the meantime, please enjoy this two-product comparison.


Boba, Moby, SnuggyBaby. What do these have in common? They make baby wraps. What's a baby wrap? It's a long piece of stretchy, somewhat-breathable fabric with which you wrap all around yourself and stuff place the baby inside so you can carry {and nurse} him/her hands-free.

What do I like best about wraps?

Honestly? I can only think of two things. First, they're more compact; they can be folded up and easily packed away in a purse or diaper bag. Second, they {in my opinion} are more suitable for around-the-house wear. However, of the two, wraps are definitely a more cost-effective option as they generally retail for around $40, and that's not something to sneer at.

What don't I like about wraps?

There's just far too much fabric. Especially if you're petite. Consider the opening photograph. Do you see how much fabric is hanging down? It's kind of ridiculous-looking. And if you try to tuck it in somewhere, you have this huge, awkward bulge poking through. Also, no matter what I do, my shirt always gets all uncomfortably bunched up. Appearances aside, because of the amount of fabric, I find it takes for-ever to get on. Even after you get the hang of it... it's a process. As for getting baby in and out of, that is also time-consuming. After pulling back the taut fabric, and trying to slide baby in, then adjusting baby by moving baby and/or fabric around, you then have to, at some point, remove baby. Oh, and it's hella hot to wear. I find it's much hotter to wear a wrap than a carrier.


Baby Björn, BritaxErgobaby. All top-rated baby carriers. What's different about a baby carrier? They go on a lot like a backpack in the sense that you slide the straps over your shoulders, but rather than tying anything, you snap in a few things, tighten straps as needed, and go.

What do I like best about carriers?

Primarily, they're much faster to get on and to get baby in and out of. There's no awkward fabric hanging around. They're much cooler to wear. {At least for me and my baby, who usually runs hot and is drenched in sweat after a little time in the wrap.} I also find them incredibly comfortable, and they seem a little more durable for outside wear. I'm envisioning our upcoming annual trip to the pumpkin patch type durable. As in trekking around outside durable. However, they're not so hike-worthy that I feel uncomfortable bringing one along for a trip to the grocery store.

What don't I like about carriers?

Well, they're not as portable as a wrap — you definitely can't fold one up and stash it in your purse. Also, when putzing around the house, they aren't as comfortable to sit in, I don't particularly find them comfortable for doing housework, and you {well, I} can't nurse in one. Then there's the issue of cost. Carriers tend to run anywhere between $70 and $160. Sure, there's more to the making than an extra long piece of fabric, but if you're on a budget, a carrier may be out of the question.

Final Thoughts

If you asked me which one I'd be quicker to recommend, it's definitely the carrier. In my experience, I have really enjoyed the Björn over the Boba Wrap. I can get it on in under a minute, and get E in and out of with ease, which are the main reasons I've switched from the wrap. Granted, I didn't have to drop the money on the Björn, which retails {new} for around $60, but if my neighbor needed to have hers back, I'd definitely consider selling my wrap in order to afford the cost of purchasing a Björn for myself.

Sure, the Björn doesn't help me get things accomplished around the house when E is being fussy, but it gets the job done in a pinch when I need to go down to the bus stop or when she doesn't want to be in her car seat when we're out and about. {Relax, we obviously keep her in the car seat while in the car.} That said, it's absolutely possible to get some things done around the house with the Björn, but I believe a wrap or ring sling may make some tasks less awkward.

Ultimately, I really want a ring sling. After having tried {and abandoned} a wrap, and finding a carrier isn't a fit for all things, I truly believe a ring sling is what I'm looking for. Fortunately for us, we have the Björn on loan, so I can use that for outdoor activities and, hopefully, use the ring sling for around the house... You know, for whenever we get one.

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  1. I wish companies would send samples of these! Like try it for 30 days and if you hate it, send it back.

  2. That would be nice! I'm sure they could cover their end like the movie companies do by charging you if you don't commit/send back within [x] amount of time. Ya know?


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