Succulent Sausage Sliders with Broccoli Slaw
Pasta Salad Recipe - #BringHillshireHome


Succulent Sausage Sliders with Broccoli Slaw Pasta Salad Recipe — a Modern Mrs.

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What's dinnertime like at your house? Ours? Well, it used to be served around the same time each night, where I had ample time to prepare prior, and it may or may not be a new recipe I had time to search for, shop for, and meticulously prepare. Now? We're lucky to get something served before L needs to begin her bedtime routine, it's something quick and easy {such as a pre-made lasagna, hamburgers, bbq something with steamed veggies, or breakfast for dinner}, and I'm especially lucky if I get to eat it while it's still hot. Such is the way when you have an infant in the house. If you have a new baby that's throwing you off your groove, I'm sure you can relate.

All this considered, when I was presented with the opportunity to create a new meal with a product we hadn't tried before, I had to consider Miss E's rigid requirement; it can't keep me away from her for long. I wanted to prepare something quick, but healthy, affordable {diapers are expensive mmkay}, and something all the solid-food-eating members of my family would enjoy. Luckily, thanks to Safeway's awesome sales and Just for U program, I was able to purchase all the ingredients for this meal for just under $10! I simply logged onto Safeway's website, signed up for J4U {it's free, of course}, and chose a coupon for Hillshire Brands' Hillshire Farm Chicken Hardwood Smoked Sausage. {There are tons of valuable coupons there for just about everything you may need!} Then, I headed to my local Safeway and grabbed my goods.

Here's where it gets real. I had no more than 30 minutes to get this meal prepared and photographed. However, hubs didn't realize we were out of propane until he went to grill the sausage. The pasta salad and biscuits were ready to go, and then he hit me with it... no propane. We had to finish the sausage off in the oven, which I didn't have the time for. E needed to be bathed, nursed, and sent off to bed rocked for hours in an attempt to get her to bed. I figured all was lost, and went on with my regularly scheduled programming. Fortunately, hubs did his best to salvage the meal {and this post}. He finished off the sausage, plated the slider, and I got around to tasting it two hours later. It doesn't get any real-er than this, folks! A meal prepared with both hubs and I on max speed, only to have a curve thrown in, and I get to it cold. Yup.... #thisismylife. Despite the craziness of it all, the meal was quite delicious, even the room temperature slider! Honestly, I think that says a lot! The sausage was still juicy and flavorful, and didn't require any additional seasonings or condiments. {However, accessorize your slider as you wish!} J and L enjoyed both twists on the traditional slider and pasta salad, and I didn't have to worry about lacking in the nutritional department thanks to the protein in the sausage and the veggies in the pasta salad!

Now that my semi-disastrous back story has been told, on with the recipe!

Succulent Sausage Sliders with Broccoli Slaw Pasta Salad Recipe

  • Hillshire Farms' Smoked Sausage {I chose the Chicken Hardwood variety, but they also have Turkey and regular.}
  • 1 Can Refrigerated Biscuits
  • 1 Package Safeway Kitchens' Broccoli Coleslaw Mix
  • 1 Box Safeway Kitchens' Rainbow Rotini Noodles
  • Safeway Kitchens' Lite Italian Dressing {Per your desired consistency.}
  1. Grill the smoked sausage for about five minutes per side, or bake in the oven for about ten minutes at 400 degrees. Make sure the internal temperatures is at least 160 degrees.
  2. While your sausage is cooking, prepare the biscuits per the instructions on the can.
  3. Slice and place on your biscuits and top with your desired fixin's.

Succulent Sausage Sliders Recipe — a Modern Mrs.

  1. Boil the noodles per the instructions on the box. 
  2. Drain the noodles and thoroughly rinse them with cold water.
  3. Add the drained and rinsed noodles to a large mixing bowl. Add the package of Broccoli Coleslaw Mix. Stir.
  4. Add the Italian Dressing per your desired consistency. Stir again.
  5. Enjoy!

Broccoli Slaw Pasta Salad Recipe — a Modern Mrs.
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