Sound Sleeper: Your Solution to Sleepless Nights


Sound Sleeper: Your Solution to Sleepless Nights — a Modern Mrs.
Remember when I talked about what bedtime looks like at our house? More specifically, the bit about E's lack of sleep in the nap and 8-10pm department? Well, we're still adhering to our E.A.S.Y. and bedtime routines, but we were still struggling with naps and that 8-10pm window. There would be one out of every three or four nights where she'd actually sleep during that window, but it wasn't without much effort on my part. I'm happy to report that appears to be changing, and naps are happening, thanks to the Sound Sleeper App by Parents2ParentsApps! Yes, that's right. After several days and nights testing this app, I'm happy to report we are seeing improvements in both the nap and bedtime departments. It's because of this success that I'd like to share the app with you in hopes that other mothers with catnappers/reluctant sleepers will find relief.

First, a bit about the app in general. The Sound Sleeper App is a "3-in-1 sleep solution" available for your iPhone, iPad, and/or iPod Touch. There is a free version, which is wonderful for testing the waters, but it has its restrictions. To enjoy all the app has to offer, you have to pay, but the cost is low at just $3.99 {and worth every penny if you ask me}. The main feature, of course, are the sound options, and there are quite a bit to choose from. There's bound to be something there to soothe your little one! There's also a listen feature, which listens for your baby throughout the night, and if they start to stir, will automatically start playing your chosen sound to lull them back to sleep. There's even the option to record your own sound!

Sound Sleeper: Your Solution to Sleepless Nights — a Modern Mrs.
Here you can see the sound options, which are available for both the free and paid versions. The plus sign in the upper righthand corner allows you the option to record your own sound. I have yet to try this as we've been having success with the prerecorded options.

Sound Sleeper: Your Solution to Sleepless Nights — a Modern Mrs.
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E's favorite sound is the "Fan" option, which sounds like an old school floor fan in my opinion. It's quite relaxing, and I found myself dozing off to it while trying to get her to sleep just last night! Unlike some of the other sounds, "Fan" doesn't have an obvious loop repeat. For example, with the "Womb" option, you can tell when the sound loops and repeats itself. I find that distracting. Another downfall to the "Womb" option is it's very quiet. I have to turn the sound way up to hear it, whereas other sounds do quiet well on a setting as low as 10 {which happens to be the setting I use when E is in her bassinet}.

E's other favorite is "Rain," which replicates the soft and relaxing sound of a light rainfall. It's another option that doesn't have an obvious loop repeat.

My least favorite sound options, so much so that I won't even try to see if E likes them, include "Car Ride" and "Shhhh." The "Car Ride" option sounds like the exhaust of an old Model T car.... not relaxing in the slightest. The "Shhhh" option is just a constant sh sh shhhh, sh sh shhhh, which just drills into your ears after a few seconds. However, this is just my personal preference, and as I mentioned earlier, there are plenty of sounds to choose from that are bound to be enjoyable for you.

Now, the other features include time settings and the "listen" feature. With the free version you're restricted to a max time setting of 30 minutes. With the paid version you can set the timer for hours. Another limit to the free version is the "Listen" feature - you can only use it once. However, with the paid version, you have no restrictions to this feature.

Sound Sleeper: Your Solution to Sleepless Nights — a Modern Mrs.
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Another feature included in the Sound Sleeper App is the "Sleep Tracking" feature, which works by generating graphs that will help you better understand your little one's sleep patterns. You need to use the "Listen" feature to utilize the "Sleep Tracking" feature, and Parents2Parents recommends using the sleep tracker when your little one is a year old. The sleep tracker feature allows the ability to add comments to each graph, so you can note certain events such as teething, illness, etc. There's also a share option, so if were proud and wanted to share with your friends, you could, or in the event of a concern, you could share this data with your pediatrician. Talk about helpful!

How has this app helped us?

Generally, it has helped E to nap longer than 15 minutes, and sleep from 8-10pm on a more regular basis. {We don't use the app after 10pm as she sleeps well from that point forward.}

More specifically, E has begun dozing off on her own with the help of the app {and her favorite "Fan" option}. We have also noticed her becoming less pacifier-dependent, both when falling asleep as well as her becoming less frantic after it falls out of her mouth during sleep. I can now lay E down in her bassinet for naps and she peacefully drifts off to sleep on her own, and stays asleep for upwards of an hour. This is huge for her as she was a serial 15 minute catnapper! At night, after nursing, I can lay her in the bassinet, and after she falls asleep, will stay asleep until we go up at 10pm. No more running up and down the stairs every 10 minutes just to inevitably bring her down and hold her until we go up to bed.

It was this notable success after the first night and day that I upgraded to the paid version, and I haven't looked back. With each day we notice more and more progress, and it's with the aid of the Sound Sleeper App that we have found this success. I had never paid for an app before, but this app truly was deserving of the purchase!

If you have an infant, baby, or toddler who is stuggling with nap and/or bedtime, I strongly suggest trying the free version of the Sound Sleeper App. You can download it via iTunes. The only drawback, unfortunately, is this app is currently only available for your iPhone, iPad, and/or iPod Touch, but I have read it should be coming to Android soon.

Do you have a troublesome sleeper? Will you be giving Sound Sleeper a try? Do you have another tip or trick to getting your baby to sleep? Share in the comments!


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