I'm Back!, Introductions, and Moving Forward


Gone are the days when I could sit down at {practically} any time of day and plan posts, edit photos, and write away to my heart's content. Now my days are primary filled with the needs of my darling, beautiful six-week-old daughter, E, as well as all of the other usual tasks from before.  You know... the caring of L as well as J, the laundry, dishes, errands, etc. As such, I wasn't able to do a proper introduction post, so you'll forgive me if I toss it in along with the very overdue nursery update, and the filling-you-in-on latest happenings in the Modern Mrs. house.

First, E.

Our little E was born on August 16, 2014 at 9:42 in the morning, weighing in at 5 lb. 4 oz., and measuring 18 inches long. She was approximately four weeks early, induced at what they thought was 37 weeks gestation due to a two-vessel cord prohibiting her growth. Through nothing short of a blessing, the delivery went well, she avoided any complications, and we were able to go home two days later. The following weeks were spent with multiple weight checks, cord stump cauterizations {due to how high they clamped her cord}, and just plain trying to recover and learn the whole nursing mother gig.

While we avoided supplementing with formula {she's now a healthy 8 lb. 6 oz.}, we are now, unfortunately, battling a nasty umbilical hernia and... as of this morning.... pink eye. /sigh. Oh the things you bring home from the pediatrician's office.... Those issues aside, E is overall healthy and happy, and we couldn't be more blessed to have her in our lives. You will be seeing much more of her from here on out!

Next, the nursery.

Whoa, baby! Is this overdue! I suppose it isn't necessarily a bad thing. Not only will you see how the nursery looks completed, but you'll see how it looks on an average day. {Complete with earbuds for nighttime feedings, a garment bag hanging over the hamper, and clothes folded up on the changing pad that need to be put away.}

So, this is what you see when you're standing in the doorway. Please forgive the photo quality — short notice means iPhone camera and not the DSLR. Anyway, what's new from last time are the crib mattress, bed skirt, and rug.

Next up, the changing area as seen from the bedroom window. You can see we added the shelf above with some colorful bins for what will be her cloth diapers, but are now housing her newborn-sized clothes we didn't have before {because we weren't anticipating such a small baby}. There's also a matching clock that makes the most relaxing tick-tock noise. Love it! {Forgive the Boppy.... the cover was in the wash. It's cute, I promise.}

Here's the crib. It's a crib. The rug is super cute, though, huh? You'll notice the Sterilite bin underneath. It houses E's 3-6 month sized clothes for when we need to make the switch.

Here's the view from the crib, which I'm showing you for the sole purpose of showcasing the adorable painting my lovely and talented neighbor, Wendy, made for E. E and I will surely cherish it for years to come!

And there you have it! It's simple, but I love it, and it's quite cozy. I never did get around to adding any letters above the crib. I decided against it simply because I was too hesitant to punch any more holes into the wall. E won't care if the wall is blank, right?

So, what's next?

Well, I can't make any promises of daily posts like before, but I can promise I'll post as frequently as possible! As soon as I'm able to cook anything that requires prep, I'll return to posting recipes, and printables will return as soon as E starts taking reliably-timed naps {as creating printables requires a lot of work}. I do have some product launches to share with you, and I will be attending Due Date on the 12th, so you can look forward to hearing and seeing more about that!

Do tell... What's been up with you these past few months? Are you happy to see me? What are you looking forward to seeing on AMM the most?

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