Pregnancy Whoas and Woes


Pregnancy Whoas and Woes — a Modern Mrs.

Confession: If a pregnant woman tells you she has zero complaints about being pregnant, she's lying.

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing, sure, but it's not easy. If I'm being completely honest {and I always am}, I'd say it's about a 50/50 split of "Aw, this is the best thing ever!" and "[Insert ache/pain/side effect/etc.], *Grumbles*, I cannot wait for this baby to get here!" Well, at least a 50/50 split when I'm pregnant....

Have you seen the movie What to Expect When You're Expecting? No? Watch it, and in the meantime, watch the trailer.

Elizabeth Banks' character is me. The magical pregnancy unicorn? That happens, but it's more likely a film/print media charade. Sorry to burst your bubble, first-timers, and for those of you who aren't pregnant, but hope to be someday, don't let me scare you off! Pregnancy is a beautiful thing.... in the sense that you are blessed enough to grow a tiny human inside of you, then give birth to this tiny human to raise and provide your family an indescribable amount of joy. All the rest? Not beautiful. Worth it, but not beautiful.

Now, it's not all bad. I'm definitely not saying being pregnant is an entirely miserable experience. Remember the 50/50 split? That's what I'm going to touch on today. What I'm loving the most about being pregnant, and what I'm not loving so much.... or at all.

→ The Whoas

1.  Being pregnant.

You may remember my Journey to Baby #2 three-part post, but in case you missed it, J and I tried for four years to get pregnant. It was a very long, very emotional time for me, so the fact that we are even in this position is a miracle, and one that I am truly thankful for. So, while I may complain about aches and pains, or hot flashes, or anything, I am very happy to be pregnant! This is something I wanted for so long, and despite the inconveniences, I definitely wouldn't trade them for anything, because that would mean I wouldn't be giving birth to a baby girl in a few weeks. {See, I'm not a terrible person after all!}

2.  Baby kicks. {Or rolls, flops, jabs, and hiccups.}

Sure, they can be pretty uncomfortable. Especially when a ninja baby foot winds up stuck in your ribcage, or is creeping up into your throat, but that's a baby moving in there! And those hiccups? E gets them several times a day, every day, and usually at inconvenient times.... like when I'm trying to fall asleep. But, whoa! Any movement just blows my mind that there is this little independent person inside me discovering herself. They're a reminder that I'm doing something amazing, and that I'm not getting rounder and less mobile just to freak out my husband.

3.  The excitement in L's eyes as she experiences this with me.

She only begged us for years on end to have a sibling... as if we could just snap our fingers and behold; a sibling of your choice! Poor thing.... Lucky for her, it happened, and she has been so excited ever since we made the announcement. She loves to sit next to me with her little hand on my belly feeling her sister move around and hiccup, and it's a special moment for the three of us, even if E has no idea what's going on.

4.  The ability to nap, sometimes multiple times a day, and not be judged.

Petty, maybe, but still. Napping is a glorious thing, and shame on all of us for being so hateful towards them as children. If only we had known! Now, I realize not every pregnant woman gets to partake in this very necessary sleep cycle, and I weep for you. However, I am fortunate enough to be home during the day, and have an older child who can entertain herself for 30 minutes to an hour, unsupervised, to allow me this luxury.

5.  Incredible fingernails.

Again, petty, but in the beauty department, that's all I have going for me. My hair doesn't grow super fast or become luxurious, unless you're referring to the sprouties that keep visiting my chin.... {Yeah, that happened.} My skin doesn't "glow," and I don't fill out solely in my stomach where I can wear the cutest outfits up until I casually stroll into the delivery room. No. All I get are fingernails that grow and don't break off from pushing a keyboard button. I'll take what I can get.

→ The Woes

1.  The inability to control bodily functions.

I have no control over my body. Burps and toots come without warning, and can't be contained. I had never passed gas in front of J prior to becoming pregnant. At first I was horrified. Now, because I know there's not a darn thing I can do about it, it is what it is. Whether or not he's horrified is something you'd have to take up with him. I don't dare ask myself. I don't want to know.

2.  I miss feeling pretty.

I felt pretty up until about... oh... halfway through the pregnancy. Right around when my nose grew and I looked like I had collagen injected all over my face. It was also around this time I started getting lumpy in places I'd rather not mention. I'm fairly certain my husband had no idea any of this would happen and is desperately hoping I somewhat resemble the woman he married after E arrives.... Hell, so am I.

3.  Joint pain.

L's delivery wrecked my pelvis. Wrecked it. In fact, the only way I was able to walk once we got home was while under the influence of Ibuprofen 800, and that was because I was too afraid to take the Hydrocodone they prescribed me. I have had hip issues ever since, and once things started spreading and E started her descent, things got pretty ugly. Some days are better than others, but generally speaking, it's hard to just be at this point. It's hard to sit, walk, lay... and that's just my hips.

4.  The inability to do a lot of things.

There's the can't lift this, can't do that part, and then there's the what used to take me an hour now takes me two part. I'm a very independent person, so not being able to do something I otherwise would is incredibly frustrating. Not simply because I can't do it, but because I have to rely on someone else, which means having to wait for them to do it, or dealing with the way they do it.... I have control issues. Let's leave it at that.

5. Dietary restrictions.

I miss wine and sushi. Like, really miss it. I also miss lunchmeat, not having to thoroughly inspect my meat to make sure it's not too pink anywhere, and not being concerned with how much caffeine I've consumed in a day. Oh, and Coke. {The soft drink, not the drug. Duh.} In fact, my darling dad has strict instructions to enter my delivery room with a Subway Turkey Sub and an ice cold Coke, or he very well may be turned away. Okay, I won't really turn him away, but I'll be super bummed. I'm really looking forward to consuming those two things the moment E is out! {It's the little things...}

You're still here?

Hey! Thanks for sticking this out with me! I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it, and I'm dying to know....

What are/were your pregnancy whoas and woes?


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  1. Totally agree! Loved the wiggles, rolls, and hiccups. I miss that and my strong fingernails and hair. Oh, and the napping! I'm always tired now! The joints were good and bad. My knees were stronger than they normally are, but my hips were hurtin'! The heartburn got pretty bad and toward the end, and I couldn't sleep at night because I couldn't get comfortable, so those naps were necessary! The last month was also super hot, and the leg swelling was the worst! I couldn't enjoy the sunshine. It's funny how I had forgotten about a lot of the bad stuff though. It certainly wasn't a horrible pregnancy, but it definitely wasn't a 100% "beautiful thing!" Haha!

  2. I'm so glad you agree! You definitely do remember more good than bad. {Otherwise we wouldn't have more than one kid, am I right?}


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