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Free Lemonade Stand Poster & Menu Printable for Kids — a Modern Mrs.
It's summertime, and you know what that means.... Plenty of free time for the kids, carnivals with delicious funnel cake, and wonderfully sweet lemonade. While you could argue carnival lemonade is the best there is (and I wouldn't fight you on it), truly the best kind is that which is sold by adorable children standing in their front yards or neighborhood corners attempting to make some money for [insert current coveted item here].

L and her friends have often set up shop to sell lemonade, which is usually held at one particular neighbor's house who has an actual lemonade stand. So, when thinking up summer-appropriate printables, this was something that almost immediately came to mind! Today's printable includes a vibrant poster/invitation your kids can hang up/hand out prior to the event, as well as two menus — one with pre-printed snacks, and one left blank so you can fill in your own.

The poster and menu can be printed on standard paper, but will really pop on 8.5x11 white cardstock. Oh, and don't forget to pick up some fun straws too!

Click below for your free download!

Free Lemonade Stand Poster & Menu Printable for Kids — a Modern Mrs.
If you have printed this out for your child(ren), please tag me on Instagram (@amodernmrs), or use the hashtag #amodernmrsprintable! I'd love to see their lemonade setups!

Happy Selling,

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