31 Weeks Update


31 Weeks Update — a Modern Mrs.
So, I'm home after our appointment to see how baby E is growing, and there's no change. She has put on a little weight, but is still measuring three weeks behind, so now the whole game plan has changed. I have IUGR {Intrauterine Growth Restriction}, and have to be seen twice a week for various tests and ultrasounds to continue to monitor the situation, with a special ultrasound to be done in three weeks. If nothing changes, I'll be induced at 37 weeks, which means Miss E will make her debut in early August as opposed to late August. That would mean we only have a little over a month left!

Aside from the growth issue, E is completely healthy. Physically everything checks out — she's very active, her cord, fluids, and the placenta look fine. I'm very thankful for these things, as any change in any of the above would mean she'd have to come even earlier, and that wouldn't be good. Ideally we'd like her to cook for as long as possible, but in cases such as this, sometimes cooking on the outside is better. Continued prayers would be greatly appreciated!

Stretch Marks: It's hard to tell at this stage of the game, but from what I can see, there's nothing new to report here.

Belly Button: Still flat.

Linea Nigra: {That's the dark line down the front of your belly.} Nope.

Clothes: I was wearing the same shirt this week that I was in last week's photo, and as you can see, I have to layer a longer top underneath to pull it off. I could tell I gained some weight recently {10 lbs. in two weeks, actually...}, but I don't know where it's going....

Heartburn: Can't say I had any during the last week.

This past week: I get tired easily and frequently, and doing the dishes is killer on my back for some reason, but my appetite hasn't been as large, and I've noticed I swell pretty easily these days.

Nursery Progress: My dad installed the shelf for E's cloth diapers, I purchased some bins, a cute clock, and an area rug, and I'm working on a plan for some baskets to hold the wipes container, etc. I thought about using Command strips to adhere them to the side of the dresser, but now I'm not sure about that.... I'm working on it.

Overall: I'm worried about E, but I'm trying not to freak out. I'm mostly worried she'll be too small, or will have lung problems, or problems in general, but the fact that her scores are good now is reassuring. J and I have a Labor and Delivery class next Saturday, and I have a neighborhood and church baby shower coming up the week after that, so hopefully we'll get the nursery finished and ready for Miss E's arrival!

Coming Up: Lots and lots of doctor's appointments. I'll keep you posted.

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