What My Husband Thinks of My Blog


What My Husband Thinks of My Blog — a Modern Mrs.
Earlier this month I stumbled across The Dwelling Tree, and in doing so saw her post of the very same title. I was obviously inspired, but thought it might be fun to have my husband involved and "write" this post {per se}. He seemed willing, but when I got his list of thoughts this morning, it was obvious he wasn't really into it. I hadn't planned anything else for today, so I'm going to go through with this post, but it is not what I originally thought it would be....

His email consisted of six items. The items are, and I quote:
  1. If she got paid hourly for her time spent working on the blog, we could have a completely different lifestyle.
  2. Glad she has something to do all day and that she enjoys doing it.
  3. The blog looks good.
  4. BRB, need to blog that.
  5. It's pretty cool that she's learning to code as she goes.
  6. A simple app using RSS might be a good idea.
I suppose the list provides some insight... Obviously, he wishes the blog brought in some money. Who doesn't, right? There isn't a blogger out there who wouldn't love to earn a living from their passion. I'll keep blogging even if I never earn a dime, but ultimately, seeing some income come in would be beneficial.

"Glad she has something to do all day"... I have plenty to do even without the blog, and I could be offended by this statement, but I know he meant well. It seems he isn't resentful of the time it takes me to edit photos, develop content, design upkeep, etc., so that's good — I'm happy he's happy that I'm happy.

I'm also happy he likes the way the blog looks. I do spent a lot of time researching and testing code, and generally looking into ways to improve the site. As I learn more, I implement, and once implemented, keep or remove as it becomes apparent what works and what doesn't. {Ex. the slider.} J spends a lot of time online, too {for his job}, so he comes across a lot of websites. He is definitely a great sounding board for what looks good, is functional, etc.

"BRB, need to blog that." So, he has this thing where whenever I'm on my phone he says I'm blogging something. I could just be replying to a text message, but he says that. It's sort of an inside joke at this point, but it's dumb because I have never written a blog post from my phone. Sure, I keep up with social media via my phone, but I'm not blogging 24/7. He's silly.

J has seen both of my blogs from infancy. My very first blog, in all its hideousness, grow up, develop, become beautiful, and then die. This blog, while it has had two looks prior to its current state, has been a work in progress as well. I know he's impressed that I've managed to figure this stuff out, especially because he's way more techie than I am.

"A simple app using RSS might be a good idea." This statement also accompanied one regarding a mobile version of the site, which I know I do not currently have. I don't care for Blogger's mobile options... they're terrible, and I do plan on offering a mobile version once I learn and successfully develop one I've created myself. I'd rather have no mobile version than one that performs terribly and turns readers off. Now, an app, I'm not sure what he means by that because I don't sell products or have an online community where users can login and participate in forums and whatnot, but it is something to consider if the blog ever ventures off in either of those directions....

Well, there you have it. In closing, J says, "It has come a long way and the content has changed over the years. The site has matured into a site that is pleasing to the eye and the stomach." And, because I had to ask, "the stomach" is in reference to the recipes.... Because someone would get that at first..... That's my J!

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