Weekend Adventures {6/28 & 6/29}


Weekend Adventures {6/28 & 6/29} — a Modern Mrs.
Saturday was our beach day. We frequent a beach that's about an hour and a half away from our home, so we decided to make a day of it and pack in as much as we could. We started Saturday with lunch at a place in Ocean City, MD. A friend of J's had told him how great it was, and how you could get in the water and put your feet in the sand, so we were all about giving that a try. I ordered a Mango Tango, which was essentially a mango slushie, and it was absolutely divine! I've been thinking about it only every thirty minutes since. Amazing. Oh, I also had a crab cake sandwich, which was pretty bangin' too, but the drink totally made my day.

After that we headed to the beach where J taught L how to skim and boogie board.

Weekend Adventures {6/28 & 6/29} — a Modern Mrs.
Skim boarding didn't go as well as boogie boarding, but that didn't stop L from trying both several times. You'll have to forgive the graininess of these pictures.. they were taken on my iPhone zoomed in as far as it could go. Work with what ya got, am I right?

J and L played on the boards for a while before J headed off to surf. I stayed under our new beach umbrella, in the shade, with my fresh fruit and bottled water, while L played with her boards and sand toys.

Weekend Adventures {6/28 & 6/29} — a Modern Mrs.
I had a pretty good time despite not getting in the water. I don't have a bathing suit that fits right now, and I really don't want to buy a maternity suit just to wear once or twice, so I went in a lightweight tank dress and enjoyed watching my family enjoy themselves. We stayed about three hours before heading off to a local brewery. J's a huge craft beer fan {if you weren't already aware}, and he wanted to have his growler {def: a glass jug used to transport draft beer; commonly sold at breweries; beer to-go} filled with one of said brewery's latest brews. L and I settled for their handmade root beer, which smells and tastes like a Root Beer Dum Dum.

Weekend Adventures {6/28 & 6/29} — a Modern Mrs.
You can see it in the top right photo in all its chilled and mason jar glory.

Then came Sunday, which was our birthday celebration for J, though today is his actual birthday. {Happy Birthday, Babe!} J has to work all day and night today, so we thought we'd make the most of Sunday and celebrate him. We tried grilling corn for the first time, and J requested my egg-free, dairy-free chocolate cake for dessert. It's pretty delicious if I do say so myself... the edges are a little crunchy like a fudge brownie, and the cake is so light and moist. Mm. We don't ice it — it's perfect just by itself, but sometimes we do sprinkle some powdered sugar on top...

Busy Day Chocolate Cake — a Modern Mrs.
We finished off the night with a round of The Game of Life, then L went up to bed, and J and I watched Wilfred and The King of Queens. 'Twas a wonderful weekend.

What about you? What did your family do this weekend?


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