L's 2014 Summer Bucket List


L's 2014 Summer Bucket List — a Modern Mrs.
With E arriving in August, L and I decided to sit down and create a list of things we wanted to do this summer that would double as quality one-on-one time together. Some of these items we've never done before, some we typically do every summer, and others we do anytime the weather cooperates {like make s'mores}. In any case, L created this list herself, and even told me how she wanted the list to look. This is, quite literally, her post.... just written by me.

L is especially excited about our upcoming craft projects, and is really into documenting them for the blog. I love that she's supportive, and doesn't feel like my photos or blog posts are an embarrassment/impinging on her experience. In fact, I've already begun collecting empty toilet paper rolls for the toilet paper roll monsters, which I saw over at Sunny with a chance of Sprinkles' blog. {Click here for her post — super cute!} Both L and I are looking forward to checking these items off our list, and will post our progress as we go along.

What about you? Will you be creating a summer bucket list for your kids?

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