Deal of the Day: Old Navy Kids Summer Sale


Old Navy Kids Summer Sale — A Modern Mrs.
If your kids need summer clothes, now's the time to buy! From now through 6/15 Old Navy is offering girls and boys tops, bottoms, shoes, and more for prices as low as $5.00. There are tons of styles to choose from, ranging from separate pieces to outfit sets, and there are other sale items priced as high as $28, but I opted to share some of the styles in the $5-$10 range.

L loves Old Navy, and their clothes hold up quite well for her. We usually shop there during the huge Memorial Weekend Sale, so we're set right now, but these deals are better than the ones we scored that weekend! Since this sale is offered both in-store and online, there are a few options for added savings:
  1. Sign up for Old Navy's email newsletter and enjoy a 20% coupon redeemable both in-store or online.
  2. If shopping online, be sure to go through Ebates first and enjoy 2% cash back from your purchase.
  3. If you've shopped at Old Navy recently, remember to use your Super Cash for extra discounts. {Up to $30 off your purchase!}
Even though we purchased clothes for L recently, I saved a few picks in case hubs decides to be generous and let me get a few more. Remember, there are a ton of clothes to choose from - I just made my picks from the $10 and under selection. Enjoy!

Old Navy Kids Summer Sale — A Modern Mrs.
L tends to gravitate towards oranges, mints, and she loves polka dots. Since she's so fair, I try to keep tank tops to a minimum so there's less to worry about slathering with sunscreen, but there were a few cute tops that I just had to bookmark. This Navy Dot top was one, along with the two Pocket Tanks below:

Old Navy Kids Summer Sale — A Modern Mrs.
Let's be honest with each other for a moment.... I would totally wear the Goodnight Nora print on the left! How stylish is that tank?? If I were buying, I'd probably skip on the second tank, but I know L would've put it in the basket, so I thought I'd throw it in here.

Old Navy Kids Summer Sale — A Modern Mrs.
Shorts! And not the bootylicious kind you see at Target. {Don't get me wrong, I love Target, but their girls shorts are too short for my comfort.} L usually wears Bermuda-style shorts, or Old Navy shorts, because they're cut a little longer and she's more comfortable in them. These Drawstring Jersey Shorts are great for summer playtime, and all but the heart print are just $5. {They charge an extra dollar for the hearts.}

Old Navy Kids Summer Sale — A Modern Mrs.
The Printed Legging Capris are available in 14 different prints, half for $8 and the other half for $5.95. I initially spied this style for L, and was happy to find it was in the lower price range. However, there are a couple cute prints in the $8 range, and they're still a great deal.

Old Navy Kids Summer Sale — A Modern Mrs.
I conclude with two cute Belted Tank Dresses for just $10 each. The Blue Floral print is my favorite of the two, and they'd make great church dresses. In all, my pre-tax/coupons total would come to $79.95 for about seven outfits. I think that's pretty good, don't you?

To see the full list of clothes on sale, click here for girls, and here for boys. Will you be shopping this sale?

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