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Becoming a Better Blogger — A Modern Mrs.
I want to begin this post by saying this is not about how I plan on improving my blog, or how I'm going to write better blog posts, or anything of the sort. This post is all about how I plan to be a better blogger in the sense that I am going to "share the love," which means read other blogs, more of them, make a point to comment on them as frequently as possible, "share the love" via social media, etc. This post is all about my personal goals, and will act as a personal guide for me to look back on and "check my work," per se.

How did this begin? Quite simply, actually. As a blogger, I know how hard we work. There's much more going on behind the scenes.... much more. There's countless hours of coding, brainstorming, writing, promoting, etc. Even if you aren't "full time," I assure you, you are. Many of us work our little tails off to bring you a post per day, or a few posts per week. Whatever your post schedule is, there's photo editing, proofreading, replying to comments, emails, and more.

And we wouldn't have it any other way.

That's right! You won't hear us complaining. We love this stuff! We live for it! Our blogs are a very important part of our lives. As a blogger, my heart gets all aflutter when I get a new comment, subscriber, follower, and/or like. I blog because I love it, but it's such a great pick-me-up to see people enjoying my work. Oh, you tried a recipe you found on my blog, and you loved it enough to share on [insert chosen social media outlet here]? Thank you! You found my site randomly and liked it enough to subscribe? Thank you! You took ten seconds out of your day to leave a comment on a blog post? Thank you! You visit regularly, but don't comment? Thank you! No matter what you do, if you're participating in my little life, I thank you.

With that said, I know other bloggers have got to feel the same way. Even those superstar bloggers who you think don't read your comments or care about little ole you... they do. Sure, they could be crappy people who only care about the numbers, but you can spot those bloggers a mile away, and I'm not talking about those bloggers anyway. I'm talking about the genuine do-it-cause-we-love-it bloggers. Those are the bloggers I want to support.

What's my plan?

First, I've been spending a lot of time on Bloglovin'. {You can find my profile link in the sidebar.} I browse around the categories looking through the tons of bloggers, following the ones I like best, liking posts I find particularly interesting.... you get the idea. I've found quite a few over the last few days that I would've never found otherwise, and I'm so happy I "met" them!

Bloglovin' is great because it acts as its own feed. You can have several blogs all in one place, kind of like Blogger's Dashboard {if you use Blogger}. I find this particularly convenient because it keeps my inbox clear of 20 email subscriptions a day. What about the blogs that aren't on Bloglovin'? If I want to subscribe, I'll first check to see if they have Google Friend Connect, because I can follow them on my Dashboard from that, and if not, then I subscribe via email. This way I see what they're posting on a regular basis so I can stay involved.

Next, I browse the blog rolls. You know, those lists of favorite blogs you can find in a blog's sidebar or footer. {Have you seen mine? It's in the footer!} They're great! I've been browsing the blog rolls on blogs I've been following for some time, as well as the new ones I've discovered.

Now that I have a good list of blogs to enjoy each morning {which is typically when I'm reading blog posts, all while enjoying my coffee.... yes, it's decaf}, I read the posts that seem interesting to me, and when I do, if I have anything of value to say, I comment. Even if it's something as simple as "I like sweaters, too!" I comment. Was the post especially interesting? Did I laugh, did it contain helpful information, did it look like a recipe I want to try? This is where we move into social media.

Sharing the love!

Sure, subscribing and commenting are great in and of themselves, but I want to go that extra mile. If the post was funny, helpful, or just plain interesting, I'll share it on Twitter and/or Facebook. If it's a recipe, how-to, or fashion post, I may share it on Twitter and/or Facebook too, but that sucker is definitely getting pinned!

Hi, I'm Kristen, and I'm addicted to Pinterest.

I'm on Pinterest daily. Sitting in the car waiting for my kid to get out of school, I'm on Pinterest. Watching a movie with my husband that I'm not really interested in, I'm on Pinterest. Other than Google, my top traffic source is Pinterest, so I know the power it holds, and I plan to help my fellow bloggers out by pinning their goodies for others to find and enjoy.

So, we have finding blogs, reading blogs, commenting whenever possible, and sharing the love on social media. That about covers it, I think. The idea is to do these things as often as possible. Preferably daily. Be that reader we all desire. I want to make your heart go aflutter when you see my comment notification, or follow, or like. I want to be a friend.

Now, link up your blog, and be discovered!

To encourage the "share the love" ambition, I've created a Link List for you to add your blog and be found! Just use the widget below to add a thumbnail of your blog and your blog's name. I look forward to finding even more awesome blogs to read, and I hope others will find you too!


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