27 Weeks Update


27 Weeks Pregnancy Update — A Modern Mrs.
Phew! Quite a jump for you all, huh? I first made the announcement in February, and here were are four months later in the last week of my second trimester. I wasn't sure if I should even begin doing weekly updates since we're so far in, but the general consensus on Facebook was "better late than never," so here we are! I feel like I have to apologize for the photo.... J took it on his phone, which usually takes wonderful pictures, but this one has weird shadows and my teeth look like they were sprayed on in Paint. With that said, my bump is quite clear and visible and that's all that matters in this post, right?

Moving on!

I've never done one of these before, but I've seen a few on other blogs I follow, and it appears there's a template {of sorts} used. I figure I'll use that, chat a bit, and leave it up to you to tell me what I should or shouldn't mention next time. Please remember, though, that this isn't just for you, and I may mention some things that are really for me to reflect on later. Thanks!

Stretch Marks: I haven't noticed any new marks, but I'm still rocking the ones from my pregnancy with L. I'm sure I'll discover some new ones once I can actually see my belly, thighs, etc., but for now I'll just keep slathering on the cocoa butter and hoping for the best.

Belly Button: Still flat. That sucker has been flat since, I believe, somewhere between weeks 18 and 20. We missed photographing weeks 16-24 because we would forget to take it on Sunday {which is when my new week starts, conveniently}, then be busy on Monday, then Wednesday would roll around and we'd be like, "It's almost time for a new week, so we'll just wait," and then things got nuts. So, we're trying to be better from here on out.

Linea Nigra: {That's the dark line down the front of your belly.} No, thank God. I didn't get that with L, so I'm thinking I'll miss it again this time around.... Or, at least I'm hoping I will.

Clothes: I've been in maternity clothes since 15 weeks. I can't wear even one single pre-pregnancy item, with the exception of sweatpants and pajamas, which even then I'm poking out of them. I've had to buy new bras, underwear, even socks because my ankles swell. I'm okay with it considering I was super tiny beforehand.

Heartburn: Oh my GOD, yes! I remember having heartburn with L, but not until later on in the pregnancy. At least the whole third trimester, anyway. However, this time around, I've had heartburn since as far back as I can remember! It just seems to get worse the further along I get.

Do we have a name? We have a first name, yes, and since I only provide letters for my family, I guess I can tell you. Baby's name is "E." We, as in J, are/is mulling over a middle name, but he says he's "not ready to commit," so she's just E for now.

This past week: I've been taking it as easy as possible. I spent the first full week off of school deep/spring cleaning the house, so I've been enjoying the lax schedule. I spend my days blogging {which I love}, cooking, and visiting with friends and family I've hardly seen for the last four months due to school. It has been so nice to have my schedule freed up, and I plan on taking full advantage from now till E arrives.

Nursery Progress: Nothing new has happened since the Nursery Update I posted two weeks ago. My baby shower is in three weeks, so I'm looking forward to seeing what we get from that, and we still have to purchase and hang the shelves. I had been considering lettering above the crib, but I'm having second thoughts now. It was a nice thought while it lasted.

Overall: I can't believe this is the last week of my second trimester! I'm equal parts in disbelief and excited. I'm ready to move on into the third trimester, though I'm not rushing anything. This baby may be our last, so I'm relishing in every uncomfortable moment. Moving around is hard as I've been having some hip and back pain, and I'm tired almost all of the time, but this pregnancy is an amazing, beautiful gift from God, and I wouldn't trade anything about it. I'm praying we'll meet our healthy baby girl in three short months!

Coming Up: L has two more weeks of school, then we're planning on completing lots of crafts together. We'll be sharing them on the blog, and it will be a great way to spend one-on-one, quality time together these last few months. After the shower and shelves, I'll post a completed nursery tour, and then it's just surviving July....


Since we didn't get to start at the beginning, I thought I'd toss in this before-and-now photo for you. On the left, 8 weeks pregnant, and on the right, now!

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  1. You are such a pretty preggo! I bet L is getting so excited! Do you two have any special Mommy-Daughter time planned before E arrives?

  2. Thank you so much! L is extremely excited. We are going to pick out a ton of crafts and fun activities to do once school lets out. We probably won't venture out much due to the heat and how hard it gets for me to move around, but I'm going to try to take advantage of the time at home for sure!


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