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Our Birth Plan — A Modern Mrs.
Our we-sure-hope-this-goes-better-than-last-time plan. Our we-know-it-won't-go-as-planned plan, but-we're-hoping-it's-close plan. Our this-is-more-of-a-guideline-type plan.

Now that we've gotten that out of the way, it was requested by Ali that I share our birth plan, or as we have it titled, our "Birth Preferences." There are some things we are very set on, and other things we know we have little-to-no control over, and will be flexible where necessary. Mind you, our birth plan is written in a much better way and phrased much more professionally... I'm just giving you the CliffsNotes version. With that said, let's get into it!


Aside from mindset, environment is a huge factor in the success or failure of labor and delivery. As such, we're requesting the room be dimly lit and as quiet as possible. We are also hoping to limit medical personnel to only those necessary. With the exception of medical personnel, we {J and I} will also have my stepmother in the room to assist with labor and delivery. She was present for L's birth and will be an invaluable asset to me.


I want to be free to move about as I wish, which includes walking, using the bathroom, using the tub, and any number of positions throughout the process. I do not want to be bound by IV's or monitors, nor do I want to chained {figuratively speaking} to the bed {like last time}. We are requesting fetal monitoring be kept to a minimum and used only when necessary. I want to be free to eat lightly and drink as needed. {No ice chips, thanks.}


I do not want an epidural, and don't anticipate getting one unless the pain is so absolutely excruciating that I cannot function in the least bit, nor do I want any other form of pain medication. I do not want any Pitocin, or any medication to speed up labor, and am requesting the natural progress of labor be respected.


I would really rather not have my water broken, and feel that it should be allowed to break on its own. After it has broken, I would like to labor naturally for as long as possible without risk of infection.


I'm desperately hoping an episiotomy won't be necessary, and am requesting perineum message and support, and the use of hot compresses to avoid a tear. Also, if a non-emergency c-section is indicated, we want to have time to consider the benefits, risks, and alternatives, and are requesting a second opinion be provided except in the case of a verified emergency.

Delivery/Pushing/Time Limits

We would like to avoid the use of forceps, vacuum extraction, etc. unless medically necessary. I would prefer to push when the urge is present, and for as long as feels natural. We prefer for labor to progress at its own, natural pace. As long as both baby and I are healthy, we do not want any time limits placed on either the labor or delivery.


After baby is born, we want her placed on my chest immediately and covered with a blanket to allow for temperature regulation and bonding. {A.k.a. skin-to-skin.} We do not want the cord clamped immediately nor severed until pulsation has stopped. We would like the placenta delivery to be spontaneous and natural, without interference or manual extraction, and for the love of God, do not pull the cord!

After Care/Feeding

We are requesting up to two hours of interrupted time with our baby after delivery for nursing and bonding. We would like for any routine procedures to be postponed until after this time. We are planning on exclusively breastfeeding our baby, and are stating no formula, sugar water, etc. be provided.

And there it is. We are hoping and praying the labor and delivery goes smoothly, without complication, and are looking forward to experiencing natural childbirth.

Did you/do you have a birth plan? Was/is yours similar or different than mine? Feel free to share in the comments!

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