Nursery Update!


Nursery Update! — A Modern Mrs.
/Cracks knuckles. Let's see if I remember how to do this....

First, I'd like to say I forgot to charge my camera yesterday, so today's photos are iPhone extraordinaries. Nevertheless, here we are with my first reveal of our nursery-in-progress! It's pretty much finished, but there are actually quite a few things left on my to-do list (which I'll touch on another time).

I guess we should start with the paint color. This room was originally a horrible shade of yellow that the previous owners had chosen for two of the four walls. {See below.}

Nursery Update! — A Modern Mrs.
Ouch, right? The room was J's music room {where he kept his instruments and other non-kid-friendly toys}, and since that was his space, I didn't feel the need to change the paint. I mean, if he was fine with it, who cares? Once we found out we were pregnant, J decided the music room should become the nursery, and we knew that yellow had to go! We chose Olympic's Rain Cloud {D68-1, if you're interested}, which is a lovely gender-neutral green that I knew would pair well with either pink or blue accents.

Speaking of accents, since we are having a girl, I chose to use pink for the curtains (Thanks, Sara!) and the bedding, and keep everything else somewhat neutral. I've never been crazy about pink, even when I was pregnant with L. I registered for some pink crib sheets, but also some grey and white chevron sheets, and am going with a cute white crib skirt. Also, as you'll see, I chose a white changing pad cover, which probably wasn't the best idea....

Nursery Update! — A Modern Mrs.
Nursery Update! — A Modern Mrs.
With regard to the furniture, all I have to say is thank goodness for Facebook Swap 'n Sell groups! The crib, glider rocker, and dresser were all found on these group pages, and I paid $50, $40, and $20 respectively. The dresser even came with a mirror, which I had repainted and will be hanging in L's room.

Nursery Update! — A Modern Mrs.
Nursery Update! — A Modern Mrs.
The infant carrier/car seat next to the crib was purchased off of Craigslist, and is the exact car seat I was going to buy from the store. I really scored with that purchase, as it was a "second car" car seat that was barely used, and less than a year old. Inside the crib is my boppy {with a gender-neutral green cover that's just adorable}, some extra changing pad covers, and a little stuffed teddy/chewie that used to be L's. Under the crib is a Sterilite tote I purchased to house all of our 3-6 month clothing. I wanted to have those ready and available for when we need to switch things out. {Instead of having to go through it all in a rush and do all the laundry later.}

I considered recovering the glider, but I'm not that crafty, and to be honest, it just looks like a lot of work. I've gotten over it and have grown to love the gently-worn denim. The side table there is one of ClosetMaid's 3 Shelf Organizers in Cherry. I purchased this from Target for $21.49, and it comfortably houses the Cubeicals Fabric Drawers, which I have here in Kiwi Green. I originally thought I could use the Cubeicals for cloth diapers, but have burp cloths and receiving blankets in them instead. The little white bin on top has extra socks that didn't fit in the dresser. {And please ignore the laundry basket that will one day be replaced with a cute hamper.}

Since I brought up cloth diapers, my intent is to install a shelf above the dresser, add two baskets, and keep the cloth diapers in there. After the cube idea fell through, I thought I could use the top drawer of the dresser for diapers, but that didn't work out either. We have too many onesies! So, I'll do the shelf, which will decorate that blank wall nicely. As for the wall where the glider is, a wonderfully-talented neighbor is creating a custom painting that I will lovingly hang there, and I'm considering doing something like this....
Nursery Update! — A Modern Mrs.
...above the crib, but rest assured, "Skylar" is not Baby A's name.

So, there you have it! That's what our nursery looks like as of right now. I hope you enjoyed this post, and please let me know in the comments what your other post requests are. I'm dying to get back into blogging, and I have quite a bit of catching up to do! You can look forward to a nursery reveal post once everything is finished in there, too!

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