What I Love About Fall


What I Love About Fall — A Modern Mrs.
Okay, so if you weren't already aware, Fall is my favorite season. I primarily love it for the cooler temperatures, and the beauty that is the changing of the leaves. However, I also love it for all things pumpkin, and much more, as you can tell by the opening image and what I'm about to list below. I hadn't really thought much about Fall quite yet, considering it's still August and the temps in Maryland have been quite humid this week, but when I got my signature Chai Latte from Starbucks the other days, I noticed this....

What I Love About Fall — A Modern Mrs.
Well, you could imagine my excitement. I rarely order a Pumpkin Spice Latte, but when you see them popping up, you know it's only a matter of time before that first leaf drops! After "squeeing" quietly to myself, it occurred to me, wouldn't this make for a great post? To tell you all of the things I love about Fall?

First, the obvious....
All Things Pumpkin
Yep. Pumpkin pie, pumpkin lattes, pumpkin beer... That's right. If you enjoy craft beer, and like pumpkin pie, then you need {yes, you need} to try Southern Tier's Pumking! There are pumpkin beers, and there are pumpkin beers, but this one changes everything! But, anyway.... Ahem.

Spicy Candles
{and pumpkin candles....} I prefer candles by Slatkin & Co., which you can purchase from Bath & Body Works, and usually 2/$20, which is basically buy one, get one free. My all-time favorite candle evah is BBW's White Barn & Co. Marshmallow Fireside. It's a wonderful combination of subtle smokey aromas, vanilla, and of course, toasted marshmallows. It permeates my house quickly, but not overwhelmingly, and I buy enough to get me through the year every time they offer it on sale. Love it!

Riding, Ankle, Buckled, Ugg knock-offs {because I won't pay for the real thing, and my Target versions have held up nicely}, flats, heels... You name it, I love it, and I probably own a pair. There is just something so heavenly about some skinny jeans and a pair of boots.

Oh... You better believe I've been resisting the urge to wear them all Summer. I'm serious! They're hung directly next to my belts, so every morning when I'm reaching for a belt, I'm staring down a scarf or two and wishing I could wear it without dying of heat exhaustion. My most favorites are my two Pashmina's, and my mustache and dove scarves I purchased from Walmart {of all places}. In fact, while hunting down a decent backpack for myself at Target today, I spied some new, very lovely scarves at a hard-to-ignore $14.99 each. Send me some virtual pats on the back, folks, because I did {shockingly} walk away. Please, oh please, let them be there on clearance someday soon.... Then I'll have a valid excuse for buying yet "another scarf."

Now, I can't leave out sitting on the deck with my neighbors enjoying the outdoors without bugs flying into my eyeballs and/or mouth, or worse, my wine glass. {Right, Sara?} And I just have to toss in there that my birthday just happens to be in October, so... there you go.

Here are some photos of Fall's past. {Yes, the one with the Christmas tree is Fall; it was taken in November.} Enjoy!

What I Love About Fall — A Modern Mrs.
What I Love About Fall — A Modern Mrs.
What I Love About Fall — A Modern Mrs.

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