#Paleo Cravings


#Paleo Cravings — A Modern Mrs.
There's a new discovery in my household. One that has received the approval of both the hubs and the somewhat picky eater, L. Oh, that's right... and as you can tell by the opening image, it's something you wouldn't expect an eight-year-old to love. No, it's not the broccoli. It's guacamole!

So, I was making these Paleo Tacos for dinner last week, and I decided I wanted to make guacamole (a first for me) as a substitute for sour cream. My attempt was successful, but it made a ton, and even though the hubs has been using it on his sandwiches, I wanted to try to incorporate it into another meal. As luck would have it, I had thawed out some ground beef without a clue as to what I wanted to do with it, and then it hit me... burgers topped with an egg! I had seen photos of this on so many Paleo blogs, and then it hit me again. What if I added some guacamole? Just the thought had me salivating....

I got to work. I cooked some hamburgers as I usually do {ground beef, egg, Old Bay}, topped them with a layer of guacamole, and finished the whole thing off with a runny egg. The picture isn't fancy {it's a cell phone photo}, but let me tell you, this meal was delish! So much so that I did turkey burgers last night, and L requested we do the same setup! Far be it for me to discourage such a healthy {and delicious} request.

There's the first craving.... I just can't get enough.
The second craving is a simple, yet satisfying snack and/or dessert; apples with cinnamon. I can't believe I never tried this sooner! I wanted dessert the other night, but we didn't have anything, and then it occurred to me to try putting some cinnamon on fruit. Well, that stuff is just amazing, and I'm typing this blog post between munches. If ever in a pinch, throw some cinnamon on some fruit! {Note: I've only tried this on apples and bananas.}

#Paleo Cravings — A Modern Mrs.

If you'd like to see this guacamole recipe, I'd love to share it with you! We're running low and I'm certain I'll be making more soon. Just let me know in the comments! Also, feel free to share what you've been craving lately. (Paleo or not!)

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