Seriously... Why Don't Kids Listen?


Seriously... Why Don't Kids Listen? — A Modern Mrs.
I first want to state that this post is an attempt to let off steam. I love my child, but as a parent, I'm entitled to gripe about her aggravating behavior from time to time. Considering this is a family blog, I figured most mothers could relate. With that said, let's get to it...

Today has just been a complete disaster. But, before I get into the details, let me provide some backstory. For those of you that don't know, I've gone back to school, and this is my first semester at college. As if that wasn't a big enough task, I decided to begin in the summer, which is an eight week semester (as opposed to a standard 16 week semester); the same amount of information in half the amount of time. Yeah, no biggie... Well, it's finals week, and I have a lot to prepare for. Similarly to how it's been most of this summer, when I have the most to do, L seems to act up the worst. Today was no exception.

It began with attitude, which by itself is really no different than most days. After all, she's eight going on fifteen, and her DNA predisposes her to being bratty on occasion. At this point in the day, I can't recall what exactly set her off this morning, but it wasn't too bad.

Moving on towards lunch time, and she decides to make herself a sandwich for lunch. Now, she's been doing this for a few days now, and she's certainly old enough to handle the responsibility, except L tends to be lazy, and that usually results in cut corners and mess. Sure enough, chunks of bread were everywhere because she decided to try sandwich origami. /sigh
Afterwards, once I'm really trying to get to work, L decides she wants to go outside and play with friends. Fine, great, go! Please! Give me a few moments of peace to finish this paper. Vitamin D is good for you. (You get the idea.) However, this quickly turns badly when she asks me for the fourth time if friends can come inside. Ah ha, but it gets better... She asks me with the friends in the house (and, believe me, I was unaware). So when I tell her no, with an elevated tone to my voice, I look like the mean, nasty mom who doesn't let her kid do anything. /sigh

Seriously... Why Don't Kids Listen? — A Modern Mrs.After that I was really peeved. At that point, it was creeping towards 1PM and I still hadn't really gotten any school work done. On top of that, I needed to clean the house today, so I figured I would get that done while I could. Oh the things I find when I clean....

L had not only crammed a three-day-old Frappuccino — calm yourself, it was decaf — cup behind the sofa (after knowing full well the battle I've been having with ants), but had been sneaking granola bars in the living room and eating them as messily as possible. I thought that was all.... The joke was on me. When I made it upstairs to vacuum her room, I discovered crumbs up there as well. We have a strict no food policy for the upstairs, so I knew there was something lurking somewhere. Shockingly, she didn't put up a fight (I think she knew she was already on thin ice), and presented a plate with wrapper and crumbs from under her dresser.... in addition to some cut up Polly Pocket clothes, a pair of scissors (another no-no), and a Sharpie marker (a huge no-no). /sigh

Long story short, I'm sitting here trying to figure out why I'm not getting through to my daughter. Everything that transpired here today was definitely not a first, nor (I'm sure) will it be the last. Furthermore, the rules that were broken are well known. As in, she is most definitely aware that taking food upstairs and hiding it is against the rules. So, why is it happening? And why in the world did so many rules get broken today? Believe me, friends, we've tried it all. Standing in the corner, taking away toys and privileges, writing sentences... The list goes on and on. Yet, we're not getting through. Whyyyy?! /shakes fist

Also, before suggestions of "spend more time with her" start pouring in, that had crossed my mind on more than one occasion several occurrences before. I tried spending more one-on-one time with her, doing things she likes, etc., etc. It didn't help. Attention is not the issue here.

I'm sure you've all been there on at least one occasion. That is, completely exasperated and looking for answers. I'm willing to take suggestions! Have you gone through a similar experience? Did you have any success in remedying the behavior? Do tell!  If not, feel free to vent along with me in the comments.

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  1. I went through the exact same thing with my son. Finally I had enough and started taking things from him but never gave them back. I told him if he wants them back he had to earn them. Not just a one time thing either. He had to prove to me that he was gonna do right. I didn't want him to do right and then get his stuff back just to act up again. During that time if he acted up again with attitude and not helping or following rules, then another thing got taken away. I finally put my foot down and went to his room and started putting stuff in boxes and bags. I took everything to the garage but all he seen was me taking it to the garbage and he freaked thinking I had thrown everything away. That was when he was younger about 8. Now that he's a teenager (16), I go to the power box and flip the switch, no electricity, no xbox. Then set up his phone to where the only calls or texts he can get or send is to and from me. Oh the looks I get when that happens.

  2. Tanisha, we have definitely thrown things away, and that hasn't helped. I'll keep the text thing in mind for future reference, though!

  3. Is it something in the air? i swear Im going through the same thing right now with my oldest. This morning I went in her room and found the entire gallon of milk, cereal, and a bowl!! I couldn't even get mad at first because she went through all the effort LOL but I got mad, yelled, took away her new tablet, and now she's pouting in her room. I told her she has to earn it back, and every time I catch her with more food, I get to9 keep the tablet longer.

  4. Must be! I love how they pout afterwards. As if we're sooo unfair.... -__-


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