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New Women's Fashion at Walmart — A Modern Mrs.
If you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you're aware of how much I love scarves. In my humble opinion, they really are the best accessory, and you can wear them any time of year! I can recall a time or two recently when I wished I owned more. Well, thank God for good friends, because Jaime {of Life of Jaime} and Kristen {of The Kristen Project} both told me yesterday that Walmart now had scarves, and they were only $7.00! You better believe I stopped in there the first chance I had.....

This morning, I stopped in to grab a few things we needed anyway. I poked around looking for where they might keep the scarves {my local store is so disorganized} and for this blouse I spotted a few weeks ago.

← This one. Yep, the one that doesn't look like something Walmart would carry. I knew I should have swiped that beauty up the day I saw it, because it was nowhere to be found today. /cries. I must have spent 10-15 minutes walking around in circles and trying to flag down nearby employees with hopes they would have a clue. {HA!} No one knew anything about it. Womp.

But, my trip wasn't a loss. I did eventually find where they keep the scarves, and holy moly! There were a ton! Then I spied a few price tags.... clearance, $3.50! Regular priced, $4.97, 6.97, $7.00.! I was tossing scarves into my basket left and right!

If you weren't aware, I usually purchase my scarves from Target. While they are a little heavier/better quality, they're also $14 and up, so you better believe I was snatching up some scarves to better round out my collection... even if they won't last as long. {Or maybe they will!} Here's my collection pre-scarf-extravaganza:

My Original Scarf Collection — A Modern Mrs.
From left to right: The scarf my brother bought me in Afghanistan, a cream Merona Pashmina, a beige chevron scarf {free gift from W magazine}, a multi-color fringed scarf, a pink and purple ombre, a pink knitted fringe, a black and maroon infinity scarf, and a camo-esque ruffled scarf. I also have a red Merona Pashmina that's not pictured, because I'm currently wearing it.

Now for the fun part.... My scarf haul!

My Walmart Scarf Haul — A Modern Mrs.
Wow, that's a lot of scarves! I'm not ashamed, though, because nine scarves at Target would have cost me at least $134, and this lot only cost me $51. #Frugalista. Okay, maybe nine scarves that I don't necessarily need isn't being frugal, but it certainly qualifies as #SavvySpending!

Now, Walmart's website is so lame that I can't link to any of these scarves for online purchasing convenience. I tried typing in the product name from the tag, the UPC code, the style number... I even tried Googling the name and price with hopes something would come up. Nothing. Sorry. This descriptive list will have to do!

{From left to right.}
  • George Paisley Print Silky Scarf - Natural Combo. {Originally $4.66, but on clearance for $3.50.}
  • George Leopard Print Silky Scarf - Black Combo. {Originally $4.66, but on clearance for $3.50.}
  • Black and White Mustache Scarf. ($4.97) Jaime, you own this, right? I immediately thought of you when I saw this!
  • Navy Birds Scarf. ($4.97)
  • Magenta Knit Infinity Scarf. ($7.00)
  • Black Stripe Infinity Scarf. ($6.97)
  • Purple Stripe Infinity Scarf. ($6.97)
  • Cobalt Burnout Infinity Scarf. ($6.97
  • Green Burnout Infinity Scarf. ($6.97)
And there you have it! If you're looking to build a nice assortment of scarves in various prints, patterns, fabrics and colors, and you're looking to save some money doing it, visit your local Walmart store! I'm so glad those lovely ladies told me about them! {Thanks, ladies!}

What do you think of my haul?

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  1. I need that mustache scarf NOW!! great finds. I need more, I just need to convince the husband I need more lol.

  2. It's just under five bucks! I'm sure he'll let this one slide. /winks

  3. lol thats true, Men think you can just wear the same scarf and bag, they don't get it! Im going back today or tomorrow to get a couple more.


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