Our Candy-Less Easter (and Its Surprising Reception)


No, we're not cruel parents who don't believe in candy anymore. No, we haven't lost our minds, and no, L didn't suffer from not getting candy in her Easter basket. First and foremost, I don't believe that Easter is about candy, and I really don't care to indulge in that. However, up until today we had always purchased some candy for her basket, and she always {even this year} gets candy from class parties, family/church egg hunts, etc.

With that said, let me explain why we chose not to include candy in L's Easter basket this year. Before today L had participated in two egg hunts and had a class party, and proceeded to eat all of that candy without having asked for any of it, and then lied about where it went. On several occasions. Oh, and killed off a bag of my own personal stash. It's the sneaking and the lying that put us over the edge. And honestly, after all that, she didn't really need anymore candy. It just makes for trouble around here.

So, thanks to her behavior and the overabundance of candy everywhere we looked, we decided not to purchase a single piece for her basket. Instead, the Easter Bunny so kindly chose some coloring books, crayons, Easter-themed DVDs, random games, and a package of dark chocolate covered dried plums. We weren't sure how she'd feel about this year's basket, but I awoke to her feet pattering across the hardwood, and the subsequent stampeding up the stairs to bang on our door and say, "Mom! You just have to see my Easter basket!", then later proclaim, "This is the best Easter ever!"

For those of you who aren't keen on adding more candy to however much your child may be getting, or perhaps your child doesn't like candy/has an intolerance to it, you may find this post helpful. When L was smaller, we didn't give her candy for obvious reasons, so instead we packed the pastel plastic eggs with pretzel sticks, Cheerios and, on the rare occasion, a few Peppermint Patties. {Those were her favorite back then.} We've always purchased little games and random odds-and-ends for her basket as well. If you're looking for specifics, these are the items in L's basket:
  • Bible Stories Giant Coloring Book
  • Peanuts Coloring Book
  • Maps to Color and Learn (United States)
  • Here Comes Peter Cottontail DVD {The original t.v. classic! I had this on VHS as a kid and loved it!}
  • VeggieTales An Easter Carol DVD
  • The Story of Jesus and Many More Book {Also includes stories of Ruth & Naomi, Elijah and Samson.}
  • Pair of Bunny Ears
  • Tabletop Pool Game
  • Rabbit Racing Game
  • Crayola Crayons
  • Sunsweet Dark Chocolate Covered Plum Sweets
That's a lot of stuff! The movies were purchased a couple weeks ago for $7.99 and $5.99, and the rest was purchased from Dollar Tree and Walmart for anywhere between $0.97 and $3.00. Movies aside, I spent less than $20. I know if we had purchased candy, we would have spent more.

I hope you and yours have a wonderful day!

P.S. My local Dollar Tree had a surprisingly wonderful selection of Christian items for kids. Everything from storybooks, to activities, to puzzles, to coloring books, and much more, and all for one dollar!

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  1. I think those are wonderful items for an Easter basket. I never put candy in Bubba's basket over the years because as you said, he got plenty from church, school and family members.

  2. I went really overboard with candy this year LOL! But they got some toys to go along with it. L's basket seems really nice though, I'm glad she enjoyed it :)

  3. @TheKristenProject:disqus & @tanishalynne:disqus - Thank you both!

  4. We didn't even make one for Micah because we were traveling and like you, I knew he'd get enough from the grandparents! I love your ideas and agree that the candy crazed Easter can get out of control!

  5. Thanks, Jocelyn! It really gets to be too much, and we never get through all of the candy anyway. This way nothing goes to waste.


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