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Life Lately.... — A Modern Mrs.
I didn't know what to write today. I had a few things run through my head, but I've been battling with the feeling that my blog is becoming boring. A recipe here, an outfit there, something mark-related over yonder... but is there really any personality? I'd love to add more family-related goodness, but we rarely are able to do anything as a family, and when we do, we're in the moment and often forget to take pictures. I guess that isn't a bad thing, but it doesn't help blog content. So, what to do?

I read quite a few blogs, and am always browsing different topics and niches to find new reads. Sometimes I look to these sites for inspiration. What do they talk about? Well, I don't have any littles, so I can't blog about nifty crafts or the cutesy things they're doing at the moment. No 3, 6 or 9 month updates. Okay... I don't have the luxury of shopping often, so I can't share any good deals that were scored, and I'm certainly not a skilled DIY-er, so there goes any how-to's. Where does that leave me?

While I struggle with figuring out what kind of new content to bring to the blog, I thought I'd share with you some of what has been going on in my boring uneventful average blessed life.

My Hair — As you can tell from the collage, I recently had my hair touched up. My roots got some much-needed TLC, and I had a little shaping all around. I'm trying to grow out my pixie cut, and as I'm going I'm having it shaped into a stacked A-line. I have about three months growth, which is coming along slowly but surely. This time my stylist gave me some lowlights, which really help tie in my brows. {They're a darker blonde/light brown when filled in.} I loved how it all came together and how she styled it that day. Sadly, I haven't been able to re-create the style. Womp.

Lost — Oh, Netflix. Once I get watching a show, I have to watch every single season until I'm as caught up as I can possibly be. I discovered Mad Men, and watched all of the seasons every free moment I had. When that was finished, I had this What do I do now? moment. Kind of like readers after they've finished a book. What do you do with that free time? I browsed Netflix for other shows that had a good number of seasons available, and spied Lost. I remember watching the first season when it was on t.v., but missed an episode here or there and was - literally - lost. I had no idea what was going on, so I quit watching. I just started the second season. Want to know my thoughts? I could devote a whole post to what I'm feeling thus far.

Life Ready Woman — Yesterday was my "Sunday School" class for Life Ready Woman. It's an 8-week, video-based Bible study that focuses on discovering God's plan for you, and how to find a balance in today's "do-it-all world." We were given a copy of Shaunti Feldhahn's book, The Life Ready Woman, as well as the workbook that accompanies the DVD. This will be my first Bible study/class, but I love the group of ladies in my class and am looking forward to not only discovering God's plan for me, but the fellowship with all of the ladies. I found the first "course" very easy to follow and interesting. Here's a quick description of the study taken from the Life Ready Woman's website:
In her new video-based Bible study, The Life Ready Woman: Thriving in a Do-It-All World, Shaunti shows women we can have balance, peace, and joy by discovering God’s blueprint for our lives. In eight sessions, she identifies what that means by exploring our hearts, our relationships, our challenges, and the unique gifts and personalities God gave us. Then, she leads women to develop a Life Ready Map--a personal plan for fulfilling God’s design.
CAKE — Yesterday was J and I's one-year wedding anniversary! We thawed out the top layer we saved from our wedding cake and dug in. Shockingly, it was amazingly delicious! I wasn't sure how it would hold up after being in the freezer for a year, but it wasn't the least bit freezer burnt or dry. The top layer was "my layer." {The bottom was chosen to please the masses, the middle was J's choice, and the top mine.} It was vanilla cake with a raspberry fruit filling. Our cake was gorgeous. At the time, I was very sick with GI complications, so I didn't get to enjoy much, if any, the day of our wedding, so it was extra special to be able to enjoy it GI-problem-free last night. I am so blessed to walk this life alongside my husband. He's an amazing man, husband and father. Thank you, J, for choosing me. It has been a wonderful year! Here's to many, many more! ♥

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  1. I LOVE Lost! I'm waiting for Netflix to add the last season of Weeds. I have debated watching Mad Men. I'm the same way-once I get into (and I like it) I want to watch it all as quickly as possibly. Love seeing the pictures from your wedding day. :)

  2. Whatever you do, STOP looking things up on Wikipedia about Lost! :-P


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