In a Rut....


Le sigh. I just can't snap out of this rut! I honestly haven't had any inspiration for posts, and to be brutally honest, not much motivation either. I haven't cooked anything exciting, I haven't come across any incredible sales to share, and the one event L had recently that I could have snapped some photos.... I forgot to charge my camera. Womp.

I don't want to leave y'all hanging, so I thought I'd toss something out there. I do have quite a bit of beauty products that I could share.... and that's really all I have in regards to content for the immediate future. Would you be opposed to a few reviews until I find my mojo again? Please let me know in the comments!

Thanks for toughing this out with me!

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  1. I wouldnt mind reviews. Ive been thinking about a couple of reviews myself, here and there.

  2. That's alright, we all go through it. People {your readers} shouldn't expect you to post every single day. You have a family that keeps you busy or maybe you just don't feel like posting. :)

  3. Thank you, Tanisha! I've just lost my groove. ;)


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