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City Color Cosmetics Perfect Night Eye Shadow Palette in Purple Review, Photos, Swatches — A Modern Mrs.
Today concludes my batch of new City Color products to share with you, and to kick off this finale is the Perfect Night Eye Shadow Palette in Purple; four varying shades of purple eyeshadow in a mix of matte and shimmer finishes, all for less than three bucks! I must admit, at first glance this arrangement of color reminded me of my treasured Estée Lauder Signature Eyeshadow Quad in Berry Quartz {now discontinued}. There's a little something for every purple lover {I'm looking at you, Jackie}, but be warned, you will need some help from other products.

City Color claims their new Perfect Night Eye Shadow Palettes have:
The perfect four shades of color to complement every look. The four color combinations allow you to create the perfect smokey look with the buildability of each color which allows you to take the look from day to night.
Availability: Select drugstores, citycolorbeauty.com
Pricing: $2.99

This little palette's packaging is small, but easy-to-use thanks to the elongated pans. There's a dual-ended applicator included with a sponge tip on one side and a tapered eyeliner-like brush on the other. The rear label houses all your need-to-knows, as well as the shade name, which is so cleverly called Purple.

I had no problems getting any size shader brush into the pan slots. Half of the shades are small, and the other half are large, which doesn't seem to have any rhyme or reason as to why they chose the lightest and darkest shades to be the larger pans.... /shrug. It's also worth noting there isn't a designated highlight/brow bone shade in this palette - The lightest purple shade has too much color to be appropriately used as such. {And that's not the only reason why you'll need other products to complete your masterpiece.}
City Color Cosmetics Perfect Night Eye Shadow Palette in Purple Review, Photos, Swatches — A Modern Mrs.
City Color Cosmetics Perfect Night Eye Shadow Palette in Purple Review, Photos, Swatches — A Modern Mrs.
The texture of the shadows is on the soft side. Be careful how much pressure you apply when picking up your color, because if you use too much, the shadow will crumble. Despite its soft texture, I didn't experience any fallout during application.

Most of the shades are on the sheer side, with the deepest, almost eggplant shade offering the most pigmentation on the first pass. All of the other shades required three-to-four layers to be visible on the eye. The first/top left shade is a muted matte purple that's very similar to the last/bottom right shade, except that shade offered more color with less work, and had a subtle shimmer finish. The second/top right shade ties the eggplant shade for most vibrant, and a noticeable shimmer finish. It's lilac, and leans a smidge blue. The bottom left shade is the eggplant shade I've mentioned, it has a matte finish and leans brown.

City Color Cosmetics Perfect Night Eye Shadow Palette in Purple Review, Photos, Swatches — A Modern Mrs.
All four of the shadows applied evenly, but they're definitely muted on the eye. The best shade of the whole palette is the eggplant shade - it didn't need any assistance from outside products. However, since that shade would have/should have been the defining/contour shade, I needed to use a separate product for that purpose, and the lilac shade was so sheer on the eye I needed to go over it with another eyeshadow. Using a colored base will most certainly help boost the pigmentation, but I don't think you should have to use another product to get something to perform as it should.

The colors are certainly lovely, and if they had better pigmentation I would definitely recommend it, but sadly, it does not. It's certainly not the worst palette I've tried, but it's not the best either. Even considering the price point, there are plenty of other options for you purple-lovers out there.

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