A Smooth and Smokey Review of City Color Cosmetics' Matte Shadow Quad in Greys


City Color Cosmetics Matte Shadow Quad in Greys Review, Photos, Swatches — A Modern Mrs.
Have you ever been introduced to someone who immediately made you feel at ease, with whom you instantly clicked, and you just knew you'd be lifelong mates? That's how it was for me when I met Greys. Yeah, it's eyeshadow... So what? You can't go wrong with Greys in your life. Want its number?

City Color's Matte Shadow Quad in Greys contains four nicely-sized eyeshadows in black, charcoal grey, taupe, and white {respectively}. The quad itself is a plastic compact about the size of my palm, and includes a curved dual-ended sponge applicator. The packaging is simple and sleek, with an informative rear label that lists the product's name, ingredients and weight. Aside from noting the pan sizes, the packaging isn't that exciting, but I just have to point out City Color's new packaging now utilizes the very same font I use here on A Modern Mrs.! How cool is that?

Availability: Select drugstores, citycolorbeauty.com
Pricing: $2.99

City Color Cosmetics Matte Shadow Quad in Greys Review, Photos, Swatches — A Modern Mrs.
As I mentioned earlier, the pan sizes are nice, but they're also nicely laid out in the compact so that they're easy to access no matter which brush/applicator you're using. There's nothing that irks me more than a little tiny eyeshadow that I can barely fit a sponge applicator into, and when I do, product spreads into the neighboring colors. Can I get an amen? Luckily, I was able to pick up each one of the four shades without issue, and I didn't have to worry about product spreading into the neighboring shades.

The texture of City Colors' Matte Shadows is quite nice! It's smooth, and kicks up only a bit of fallout when loading onto my brush. The grey, taupe and white shades were on the sheer side, but layered well, and I was able to build up the color as desired. The black was the most pigmented shade, and was impressive as it wasn't chalky or patchy on the skin. I found all four shades blended well, but it did take a bit of effort for a seamless transition.

City Color Cosmetics Matte Shadow Quad in Greys Review, Photos, Swatches — A Modern Mrs.
I was a little nervous the white shade would be too much as a brow highlight, but I was pleasantly surprised to find the color was just right against my skin. It even worked nicely as an inner corner highlight, blending well into the taupe shade I used on my lid. Oh, speaking of which, I utilized all four shades in this manner:
  • I placed the grey shade in my natural crease using a Studio Tools Crease Brush.
  • I placed the taupe shade on my lid using a Studio Tools Shader Brush.
  • I placed the white shade onto my brow and inner corner using an e.l.f. Defining Eye Brush.
  • I placed the black onto the outer third of my eye and brought it into the outer area of my crease with a Bdellium Tools #780B Pencil Brush.
The result was a phenomenally daytime-appropriate, neutral smokey eye. With a thin line of black eyeliner and two coats of black mascara, the shades paired beautifully with one another and looked meticulously applied, having wore all day and night over a primer. {I have terribly oily lids, so I have to wear primer for any eye look.} I couldn't have been happier with how everything turned out!

Greys had my back. I didn't have to worry about what shades to wear with it, because all of the necessary shades were right there. I didn't have to worry about what outfit to wear, or if it would work with my eye color, because Greys pairs well with anything. Greys stuck with me the whole day, holding strong, and reminding me that it would always be there for me.... Want that number yet?

Oh, Greys loves animals, too....

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