A Few (More) of My Daughter's Favorite Things


It has been a while since I did my last "A Few of My Daughter's Favorite Things", so I thought I'd do a new one. After all, a few months is like years for a kid.... so much can change so fast! As luck would have it, it snowed here in Maryland, so L is home from school. It gave me more time to sit down with her and find out what she'd like the new Favorite Things to say!

Before I show you the list, I thought I'd share the story behind the opening photograph. This was taken a week or so ago at our local Earth Origins food store. I had to grab some groceries, and L wanted to bring some change from her piggy bank to buy something. She grabbed $1.84... I wasn't sure that would buy her anything, but I figured I would pitch in the difference so it didn't matter. Once there, she was deciding upon either an Odwalla bar or the fruit strips you see above. {Gee, which did she choose?} I took this as an opportunity to teach her something, so I helped her reason that she could have one thing, or three things, for the same amount of money. Obviously, three is better than one, so that's what she went with. L placed her strips on the belt, and the total came to $1.53. She counted out her change {all by herself}, and paid the cashier, who was so very patient and friendly about the whole thing. {Thanks, guy!} She even had some change leftover!

I was so proud of L. Proud of her for wanting to buy her own treats, proud of her for making the best choice in treat, and proud of her for successfully counting out her money. I was also happy to show her that she could have three treats and still have money leftover! This whole experience thrilled L, and she started asking how she could earn her own money so she could buy her own things again. We got to talking about an allowance and the things she would need to do to earn it, and now we're in the process of putting together a new chore chart and deciding upon how much her allowance should be. {J and I disagree on the amount a tiny bit....} Once she starts earning an allowance, I'll be talking with her about how much she should be setting aside for her savings. These are lessons I hope will carry with her as she gets her first job and checking account. Am I ahead of myself? Sure. Will it hurt? Absolutely not. But enough of the future... let's talk about the present!

A Few of My Daughter's Favorite Things — A Modern Mrs.
I don't know if you've noticed, but there are considerably more food items on this list as opposed to the last list. L is really into food these days! With that said, I could not be happier at the type of foods that are on this list. Apples, Brussels Sprouts, Celery with Almond Butter, Fruit Smoothies... What mother wouldn't want her kid to love those things?? I am beaming over here!

I don't have any honorable mentions this time. She's still into going barefoot, sneaking ice cream at her Opa's house, and enjoying Children's Church, Youth Group and Sunday School. L is certainly growing in her faith!

My precious L, you may try my patience, but I thank God for you every.single.day. It's easy to get caught up in the day-to-day, but I'm always trying to be better at making the most of today. How can I make the time I spend with you matter the most? I pray every night for wisdom and patience, so I can be the best mother I can be. The mother you deserve to have. I want so much for you. I want you to look back on your childhood and think fondly of it... of me. I want to give you everything I didn't have, and everything I did. I'm so thankful you're content with the simple things. I'm so thankful for you, for how smart you are, how healthy you are, and despite how aggravating it can be, for how much you're like me. It will serve you well when you're older. Don't let anyone hold you back! You are destined for great things, my love. Reach for the stars! Loving you always, Mommy.

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  1. Loved this! Its great when kids not only love food, but healthier food at that.

  2. Right? I still couldn't believe it once I saw it written down. She had more, but we didn't have enough room for everything!


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