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Taking A Stand — A Modern Mrs.
Last week I talked about choosing to follow the Paleo diet, the research I did that led me to that decision, and I've even shared some Paleo-friendly recipes. We've been full-blown Paleo for almost two weeks now, and this journey has led me to watch several food documentaries, read a handful of available medical journals, and Google, Google, Google. I've learned so much this past week. I've learned the disgusting truth about our modern food industry, the shameful treatment of small farmers in the U.S., and because of this, I've come to the conclusion that I have to take a stand. I cannot support conglomerates that have no concern for the general public's health. I must, and should, support the local farmer, and that's what today's post is about. It's about going back to our roots. It's about being smart with our food purchases, knowing where our food is coming from and how it's being produced. It's about ensuring my daughter has a lifetime of good health, something she can pass along to her family, and so on.

First of all, I'd like to share two of my recent educational nuggets that have stuck with me the most. One being an easy-to-remember graphic showcasing one of the primary reasons obesity is so rampant:

The second is that there are at least 40 different names for MSG. Forty! So, if you're looking for Monosodium glutamate and you don't see it, you may think you're safe. The problem is, you also need to be looking for things like Yeast extract, anything hydrolyzed, Calcium caseinate, Sodium caseinate, Gelatin, Soy protein, Whey protein, etc. {For a full list, as well as why MSG is bad for you, visit Real Food Whole Health.}

I'd also like to share a few of my favorite documentaries. I highly recommend you watch these. They're very informative and eye-opening.
  • Forks Over Knives
  • Hungry For Change
  • Food Matters
  • Food Fight
  • Farmageddon
All of these films are available for Instant Streaming via Netflix {if you have an account}. They're lengthy, but worth every minute.

Now, after having learned how much of a hand the government {and not in a good way} and private sponsors have in what's going into our mouths, I'm skeptical of most of what's available in the grocery stores. Especially after my recent experiences with rotten food from a particular grocery store's produce section. I just want fresh food! Is that so much to ask? Real food, too. Not something that's been growing in contaminated soil, or sprayed with a hundred different chemicals, or pumped full of Lord-knows-what. A bunch of tomatoes aren't supposed to look the same. A dozen eggs aren't supposed to be all the same color. I don't want milk from cows who have been confined to stand in the same position for hours and days on end being endlessly pumped. How is that right?

No, I want my meat, eggs and milk to come from animals who have the freedom to roam as they should. To graze, to breathe fresh air. I want my produce to come from nutrient-dense soil that was fertilized and grown naturally. That was carefully cared for. I want to support that farmer. Not that corporation.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not anti-corporation or anti-government. I'm just advocating a return to the local farmers that we need. The ones who are doing it right, and who should be supported for their pivotal role in our communities. I'm saying the cases I witnessed in Farmageddon, what the government did to them, that was wrong. I don't support that. /shakes head. No, sir.

Sure, you were taught the importance of nutrition, but it was a sketchy lesson. I can't tell you how many times I've heard, "You are what you eat." But, I never realized how very true that was. Even when I thought I was eating healthy... I wasn't. I didn't look into where my food was coming from, or what really was healthy. The older I've gotten, the more problems I've encountered. I've witnessed my body shut down on more than one occasion. I've had adverse reactions to prescriptions my doctor told me would make me better. That alone is for another discussion. What I'm getting at is, we need to take off the rose-colored glasses and start making an effort to look into what is right for us. Do your own research, and you'll find things aren't what they seem.

I'm going to start purchasing my meat and produce from local farms. I've looked into a few and are going to visit them, ask important questions, and spend my money there. In return, I'll know exactly how my food was grown, how healthy it is, and how it's going to nourish my family's bodies. Not only will this benefit us, but it will benefit those farmers. It's a win-win in my opinion.

I'm excited to see how my body will heal. I'm not going to treat the symptoms, I'm going to treat the cause. I need to rid of my body of years worth of toxins and mistreatment, and start filling it with the things God put on this Earth... not something that was made in a factory. Humans weren't meant to ingest chemicals. We were meant to eat real meat, real vegetables, to breathe fresh air and get exercise. There's a natural balance to things that has been tampered with, and we all need to make an effort to revert the damage.

Let's get healthy!

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  1. Hungry for Change was an excellent doc! I have been telling people recently "if you change the way you eat, most of your health problems will go away!" My aunt who is overweight, has diabetes, and heart problems refuses to change her diet. I've told her "if you change your diet, these pills and problems will go away. She just wont listen *sigh*

  2. I have a few family members with the same health issues and the same attitude. I don't care how old you are, if you really want it, you can change. It pains me that they would rather eat/drink horribly than prolong their lifespan. {Not to mention the money they'd save on medications.}

  3. I agree! They would rather spend hundreds a month on medications, then taking that money and putting it towards healthier food options. When you eat healthier you have more energy, therefore making it easier to do little workouts, and losing weight.


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