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Daily Skin Care — A Modern Mrs.
Welp. I don't have an outfit to share with you today. I had a pretty nifty outfit {If I do say so myself...} from last week, but it rained all day and was far too dark to get any photos. Boo. Thankfully, after reading Jo-Lynne's post about Dressing Like a Frenchwoman, I won't feel bad about re-creating this look next week. Hopefully the weather will cooperate! In the meantime, I thought I'd share some of my tried-and-true skin care products. You know, the ones that keep showing my finicky skin what's up.

Before I get into the products, and in case I haven't mentioned this before, my skin type is oily. I have very oily skin. Not just my t-zone, but all over, and before finding one of these products and discovering my current product pairing wonderland, it would break through my makeup and ruin my day. There's nothing more aggravating to me than walking by a mirror and noticing my face is lit up like the big city on a wet day. You know what I mean? No bueno. I also have acne-prone skin.... at almost 30. /sigh. Now that that's out of the way, let's move on to my key daily skin care products!

Daily Drugstore Skin Care Products — A Modern Mrs.
1. Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash Cream Cleanser. ($7.39) Having tried many a face wash over the years, especially over the last three years, I keep coming back to Neutrogena. I prefer cream washes, and since returning to the Oil-Free Acne Wash Cream Cleanser, I've noticed my facial acne has mostly retreated. {Aside from a blemish here or there, which is usually because I forgot to wash my makeup brushes a time or two....} I usually use a quarter-sized amount, which is plenty, and I love the subtle tingle it offers.

2. Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Stress Control Triple-Action Toner. ($7.49) I have been using this toner religiously for so long I can't remember the last time I used anything different. I remember the first few uses being able to instantly pick up on the cucumber in the ingredients. It doesn't tingle much, definitely doesn't burn like some toners tend to, and it leaves my face feeling fresh. The green tea helps to minimize my facial redness, too! I use it morning and night with a textured cotton pad.

3. Own Renewing Dual Protecting Day Lotion SPF 30. ($23) This! This lotion is one of my saving graces. Since introducing this to my routine, I noticed I never need to blot. Even with all of the other oil-controlling products in my skin care and makeup routine, I would still get some shine, but not now! I can't tell you how much of a relief this is... to feel "normal"... to not wonder how shiny my face may be... to not have to check every time I pass a mirror... to not have my makeup break down throughout the day. An added bonus to this oily-skin-savior is that it offers the SPF our skin needs on a daily basis. It's lightweight, mostly odorless {there's a faint scent as you apply, but it doesn't linger}, absorbs very quickly, and keeps my face smooth and oil-free. Don't let the price tag scare you - one tube lasted me close to six months!

4. e.l.f. Zit Zapper. ($1.49) This isn't exactly a daily use product, but whenever I do have a blemish, I use this baby and boom.... they're either gone or mostly gone by the next day! I tell ya, this little rollerball works magic. I'll use it at night after toning my face, and in the morning, the blemish will be dried up, if not gone. I firmly believe the Witch Hazel makes a huge difference. It, too, lasts a long time. I've had this one tube for over a year and it's still mostly full!

I'd love to know, what are your go-to skin care products?

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