Tuesday Tea Time: Tips for Rookie Tea Drinkers


Happy New Year! I hope all of you had a safe and fun-filled evening surrounded by some of your favorite people. What did we do? J, L and I spent the evening with some of our neighbors eating delicious food and enjoying conversation over drinks, all while our kids were running around screaming like a bunch of banshees. It was really nice, and I couldn't imagine spending the last day of the year without them.

As I'm sure you could tell, a new year brings new content! I've teamed up with Kristen from thekristenproject.com to bring you a new weekly series that's all about tea. Not only do she and I share the same name (with the same spelling, holla!), we also share a love and appreciation of tea. So, to kick off this new series, we thought we'd start with some basics; the how and what of tea, if you will.

I'm certainly no tea connoisseur, but I do know a thing or two about how to properly brew your tea for optimum flavor and enjoyment, as well as a bit about certain types of tea and their benefits.

Let's get into it, shall we?

How to Brew a Bangin' Cup of Tea

If you're a rookie tea drinker, I'm assuming you're using tea bags rather than loose tea, so let's talk about how to brew a great cup of bagged tea:

  1. Fill your tea pot or kettle with room temp or cold water. Don't use hot water from the tap because it will change the flavor of your tea.
  2. Just before your water becomes boiling (or the tea kettle whistles), remove your kettle and pour over your tea bag. In my experience boiling water lessens the flavor.
  3. Steep 2-3 minutes, or longer depending on your preference.
  4. If you prefer a sweeter tea, add your milk, sugar, honey or lemon at this point.
  5. Enjoy!

Popular Types of Tea

1) Black Tea

Containing the most caffeine per cup (approximately 20%), black tea is the closest to coffee, and has been said to maintain cholesterol levels as well as a healthy cardiovascular and circulatory system! Try Twinings Irish Breakfast as an alternative to decaf coffee, Tazo Chai (my personal favorite) for its relaxing flavors of ginger and cardamom, or Bigelow's Earl Grey for a spicy citrus kick.

2) White Tea

With very little caffeine per cup, white tea has the lightest flavor and an amazing array of health boosts, such as improving your skin/complexion and aiding your body's fight against cancer!

3) Green Tea

One of the most popular types of tea, green tea contains only 5-10% of the caffeine found in a cup of coffee, and it's packed with antioxidants! Try Celestial Seasonings Green Tea for a smooth, simple cup of deliciousness, or Lipton's Mint Green Tea for a subtle kick of spearmint and peppermint.

4) Herbal Tea

Herbal teas are caffeine-free and packed full of Vitamin C, and contain a mix of herbs, fruit and spices in their flavor. Some popular herbal teas come from Celestial Seasonings, such as my all-time favorite, Honey Vanilla Chamomile, and a load of others which you can see here.
There you have it, folks! Do you prefer black, white, green or herbal tea? Do you have a favorite flavor or brand?

Pinkies up,

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  1. I gotta say my favorite brand has to be Celestial. I'm addicted to the Honey Vanilla Chamomile and the Sugar Cookie Sleigh Right. But Twinnings Earl Gray Black tea may be a new favorite.

  2. Right? They have such a large collection! Earl Grey is next on my to-try list, but I really need to use up some of what's in my stash.

  3. "Don't use hot water from the tap because it will change the flavor of your tea." - I NEVER would have thought of this!

    Of course, I pretty much exclusively drink "cold brew" teas (Twinings English Classic Cold Brew being my favorite). Partly because I don't have a teapot, partly because I tend to only drink tea in the summer (which seems counter-intuitive).

  4. Haha, Christine! We currently have a cheap kettle from Walmart, but it gets the job done.

  5. Thanks, Kristina! I loved coffee so much, but over the last year or so it really upsets my stomach. {Insert major sad face!} That's when I started getting into tea.


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