Tuesday Tea Time: Tea for My Moods


It's pretty common for someone to choose a beverage based on their mood. It's also common for a beverage to be chosen based on an event, such as celebrating with champagne, or serving punch at parties. Today's Tea Time will showcase a few teas I choose for when I'm having certain feels. I seem to always grab for these particular teas, and how they make me feel in those moments are now associated with each other. Not feeling well? Grab this tea. Winding down for the evening? Grab that tea. Savvy?

First up....
Tea for My Moods — a Modern Mrs.
Remember when I said Irish Breakfast mimicked coffee in body and flavor? Sadly, my stomach rarely allows me the pleasure of enjoying a cup of coffee, so when I'm jonesin' for Joe (Get it? No? Oh...), I reach for Twinings Irish Breakfast Tea. This tea is very close to a light roast coffee. It's dark, flavorful, satisfying, and has a nice aroma. I tend to drink it plain, but a little sugar every now again is nice too.

Tea for My Moods — a Modern Mrs.
When it's past 6pm, I have to stay away from the black teas. Even that tiny bit of caffeine can keep me up for a while. So, when I'm winding down for the night (usually while watching some Netflix), I reach for Twinings Green Tea. I wrote a full review on this tea, which you can find here, but I'll give you the quick gist. It's light in body with a golden color, smooth, delicate in taste, and has a fresh fragrance. Herbals are nice for the evening, but I rarely ever have any on-hand, so this will do. It's also a great choice for during the day when you'd like something hot.

Tea for My Moods — a Modern Mrs.
Despite when I choose to drink this tea, it really is my favorite of the three. I love Celestial Seasonings Honey Vanilla Chamomile Tea! It's almost a shame the time I drink it most is when I'm sick, because it's so good. Why when I'm sick? The honey soothes my throat, the vanilla smells divine, and the chamomile makes me happy. This is seriously the smoothest, most delightfully-scented, delicious tea I've tasted to-date. Believe me, once I use up my stash of tea in the pantry, I'm picking up several boxes of this just to enjoy it just because.

Which beverages do you choose for your feels?

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  1. When I wake - Twinings Earl Grey Tea
    When Im relaxing - Stash Chamomile
    That time of the month all week!! - Celestial Honey Vanilla Chamomile
    When Im Sick - Any type of green tea
    Before bed - Chamomile again

    I actually love chamomile anytime of the day but I need some kind of black in the mornings.

    Working on my tea post right now!

  2. Oh and I love that irish breakfast tea, so good!

  3. The more I talk about the Honey Vanilla Chamomile tea, the more I want to get another box! I'm looking forward to your post!

  4. The Honey Vanilla is amazing. I just picked up another box recently

  5. I love teas especially those from The Republic of Tea Co.

  6. I haven't tried any from them before... I'll keep an look-out for next time!


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