Modern Mom Style: How to Tie a Woven Scarf Knot


Today I want to talk about my new favorite way of tying a scarf. I found this particular style on Pinterest (of course), and while mine doesn't look exactly like the model photo, I still really enjoy it! This method of tying a scarf really changes things up and gives an outfit a fresh feel.

  1. Gather your scarf in half, allowing for one end to be a fringe's length longer than the other. Drape across your neck.
  2. Pull the longer end through the loop in your scarf.
  3. Arrange so the looped end is closer to your neck. Tighten per your preference. (The ends should now be even.)
  4. Take the looped end and bring it around the front of the straight end.
  5. Bring it around the back of the straight end and up towards the open area where you first looped. Tuck it through.
  6. This is how your scarf should look. The looped piece should be poking through and hanging over.
  7. Take your straight end and bring it up the front of your scarf knot towards the coordinating open area.
  8. Tuck it through.
  9. Arrange/tighten/loosen as needed.
How to Tie a Woven Scarf Knot — a Modern Mrs.
My Pashmina is rather long, so the ends hang down longer than the model's photo, but when I use one of my shorter scarves, the ends are more tucked in. I could actually loop the ends around an extra time, but I didn't.

When I first tried to learn how to do this, it took me a good five or six tries to get the hang of it, but once I got it, I could whip this together in no time!

Will you be wearing this for one of your outfits?

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  1. This is so cute, plus the color is nice goes with any outfit.

  2. Thanks! It does, but that doesn't stop me from wanting all the scarves>/b>!

  3. lol! I do that with bags I say "oh this will match everything I wear" then I buy about 5 more bags with the same thought in mind

  4. I only have a handful of scarves, but they're all pretty much the same style. I'm dying to get different cuts, prints and colors!


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