Modern Mom Style: Cuffs, Cardigan, and a Complaint


Modern Mom Style: Cuffs, Cardigan, Complaint — a Modern Mrs.
So, as the title suggests, I have something to complain about. Don't worry, it won't take long, but I feel it's necessary to explain today's horrible photos. Remember last week's Modern Mom Style where I mentioned the terri-bad weather and lack of inspiration? Well, last Friday was the first day the sun had broken through the clouds in almost a week, so I was bound to take advantage, and I happened to have stumbled across a photo on Pinterest that inspired me to put this red cardigan to use.

Modern Mom Style: Cuffs, Cardigan, Complaint — a Modern Mrs.
← This is the photo that inspired this particular outfit. My red Target cardi is rarely worn. It's cut and somewhat ¾ length sleeve is awkward to style, and I rarely have a top that pairs well with it. (Sounds silly, but trust me, it's true.) So, I saw that photo and thought to myself, "Finally!" I have a collared white Ann Taylor top that also rarely gets any use. Problem solved, eh? Well, not so fast....

There I am, thinking I'm looking cute, attempting to take photos with a tripod sans remote, and then the sun decides to play peek-a-boo — more boo than peek, mind you. In the midst of running back forth to hit the timer, attempting to keep myself in frame, and staying aware of the fact that I had 10 minutes to get this finished before needing to warm the car up and take L to school, I was only able to get a few photos. The salvageable photos are in this post. /sob.

I felt robbed because after almost a week of zero cuteness and no sun, I finally got a day with the sun and an outfit, and yet couldn't get any darn photos. Fashion Bloggers, how do you do it? And please, don't say, "I have [insert helper person's name] take the picture," because I don't have a helper person.

Now that I've explained why the photos are so dark, even after editing, please enjoy today's Modern Mom Style!

Modern Mom Style: Cuffs, Cardigan, Complaint — a Modern Mrs.
Modern Mom Style: Cuffs, Cardigan, Complaint — a Modern Mrs.
My top is a thrifted Ann Taylor collared button-up, my cardigan is Merona or Mossimo (I can't recall which, but it's from Target), and my skinnies are my most favorite and flattering City Street's. They're this stretchy material that really hugs me in all the right places. My boots are the Xhilaration Kalisa's in Gray.

Modern Mom Style: Cuffs, Cardigan, Complaint — a Modern Mrs.
As for my necklace, which is the star of the show (in my opinion), it was my grandmother's. It's a long, beaded, wooden necklace that I looped around to create a layered appearance.

What ways do you style a cardigan?

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  1. Love the inspiration, love your take on it! Darn that uncooperative sun for not giving you better light more often!


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