Jesse's Girl Runway Eye Shadow Collection Review + Swatches


Jesse's Girl Runway Eye Shadow Collection Review + Swatches — a Modern Mrs.
When I first saw Jesse's Girl Cosmetics' new Runway Eye Shadow Collection, I uttered several oh em gees for how gorgeous the colors looked and how perfectly they were paired together. This collection features six eyeshadow trios that truly wow in more ways than one!

  • Los Angeles — Apricot beige (pearl), dusty rose (satin), rich chocolate brown (matte).
  • Paris — Creamy vanilla (matte), light turquoise blue (satin), deep ocean blue (matte).
  • Milan — Sheer lilac with silver flecks (shimmer), creamy mauve pink (satin), black (matte).
  • New York — Creamy beige (matte), peachy gold (pearl), medium hunter green (matte).
  • London — Pale pink (pearl), lavender pink (satin), deep eggplant purple (matte).
  • Tokyo — Nude pink (matte), salmon pink (satin), light honey brown (satin).
Price: $2.00


The packaging is simple, yet elegant thanks to a glossy black case and push-button opening. I love how the front has a large window with which to see the shades inside, and how the logo is cleanly printed without distracting. The rear label is informative with the trio name, net weight and ingredients. The quality is far from "cheap," as in I don't have to worry about the lid cracking, and a few of these have even survived a fall or two thanks to my clumsiness. I'm thrilled to report the window has a holographic effect when at an angle!

These trios do not include an applicator, but I can easily fit a small sponge applicator near the hinge and still close the lid. Boom! Travel-friendly!

Texture // Pigmentation // Application

While each trio differed slightly in texture and application, each trio was consistent in terms of pigmentation. I'm a longtime fan of drugstore makeup, so I'd like to think I've seen my fair share of winners and losers. Let me tell you... the Runway Eye Shadow Collection is a winner! I am so impressed with the pigmentation and ease-of-use from these shadows, especially considering their very budget-friendly price point!

Some shades kicked up more product than others when loading them onto my brush, but they applied to the eye as they appear in the pan, were beautifully pigmented while layering well for a more dramatic effect, and blended nicely without sheering away or splotching. I love the variety of finishes and how Jesse's Girl arranged them per trio. I enjoyed the buttery smooth textures and effortless application.

Trio Recommendations

While there are certainly trios that lean more strictly on the neutral side of the color wheel, the other more colorful trios aren't ones to turn a neutral girl away. They're wearable colors, and thanks to Jesse's Girl's pairings, it takes the guesswork out of which other shades to use with them!

If you're looking for more earth-toned trios, try "Los Angeles," "New York" and/or "Tokyo."

If you're looking for more color, try "London," "Milan" and/or "Paris."

Los Angeles



Swatched without Primer

 New York



Swatched without Primer

I can't stress enough how amazing the Runway Eye Shadow Collection is, and I highly recommend picking up not just one, but several from the collection! Each eyeshadow offers something different, and they all pair well with one another in different looks. Oh, and the icing on the cake? Jesse's Girl products are cruelty-free!

Which trio is your favorite?

*The product(s) featured in this post were provided by the brand or their PR company for consideration. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Now I want to listen to Right Said Fred, walk and get my shirt ripped off and keep walking....HAHA! I dont even need this makeup and I want it!!

  2. These look awesome! (of course, I'm a *little* biased). But I love your review of these eye shadows, seriously.

    Also, Right Said Fred is now STUCK in my head.

  3. Thank you! I would have embedded the music video, but Blogger wouldn't cooperate. /sad face.


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