How to Make Your Own Personalized Coffee Mugs


I love multi-purpose projects, especially those that are inexpensive and easy since I'm terribly non-crafty. I came across a how-to for personalized coffee mugs, and I immediately thought this would be a fun project for my seven-year-old! The instructions simply state:

And I'm inclined to agree. It was just that easy and loads of fun, and way cheaper than going to our local pottery studio and doing basically the same thing, but having to pay three times as much for the mug plus extra for the baking. Let's not forget the week wait to get it back.

Our first mug was for L's teacher. We purchased a basic white mug at Dollar Tree for, you guessed it, a dollar. We also used a variety pack of Sharpie regulars, which came in 10 colors, and were about $7.49 at Target.

I laid everything down on an old towel and let her go to town, all while sitting back enjoying her excitement and creativity.

After it baked and cooled down, we wrapped up her teacher's mug in tissue paper, and placed it in a gift bag with Starbucks' Via Christmas Blend, and a homemade card from L. I'm looking forward to hearing how she liked her present.

I totally recommend giving this a try with your older children. Since they're permanent markers, I don't recommend using them with littles. Try it with plates, too! It's a fun, inexpensive, and memory-making project, and who wouldn't want a homemade personalized mug from a child?

P.S. Don't put these babies in the dishwasher. We made that mistake, and despite using permanent markers and baking them on, every last thing L drew on my mug washed off. If you're giving these as gifts, add a gift tag that says "hand wash only" on them. Your little artist and giftee will be glad you did.

Happy Crafting,

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  1. Ok I need to try this, I can take $10 and go to town in the dollar tree!

  2. Your store may even have the Sharpie markers!

  3. Going to have to try this with my GINORMOUS collection of Sharpies. Even though I don't drink coffee...

  4. Don't limit yourself. Enjoy some tea, cocoa, chocolate mug cake... I could go on!

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