Pyramid Scheme, Or Deliciousness in a Cup: Lipton's Vanilla Caramel Truffle Black Tea


Lipton's Vanilla Caramel Truffle Black Tea — a Modern Mrs.
Today I want to talk about Lipton's Vanilla Caramel Truffle Black Tea, which is what I happen to be drinking right now. It's described as having "the divine scent and sweetness of vanilla blended with caramel flavors." But, before I get into how it tastes, can we just talk about the tea bag for a minute?

I have never seen a pyramid-shaped bag before, and I think it's awesome! It's open and airy, and it sinks right down into your cup (and stays there, instead of popping up like a bad neighbor). I wonder, is there a particular purpose to this shape, or is Lipton just trying to be artsy? Whatever the reason, I like it!

Now onto the tea. If you've never had black tea before, it's typically bolder, more flavorful, and reminiscent of coffee. (In fact, Breakfast Teas are a great alternative to coffee!) Lipton's Vanilla Caramel Truffle tea isn't as bold as some other teas I've tried, but I personally feel this is a good thing. It's bolder than your typical tea, but not too heavy, so you can enjoy it any time of the day. It offers a rich brown color and caramel fragrance. I get a happy medium of chocolate and caramel flavorings. Not a milk chocolate flavor, but more of a dark chocolate flavor, so it's a touch bitter. It's smooth, tasty, and light, but I don't pick up on any vanilla in either scent nor flavor. Womp.

What's that? Do I think you should try it? I don't think you shouldn't try it. If you like tea, chocolate, and caramel, then I think you might enjoy this, and I think it's an especially great tea for the evenings when your sweet tooth is calling, but you don't want to indulge in calories. Oh! Speaking of calories, here are the nutrition facts and ingredients:

Lipton's Vanilla Caramel Truffle Black Tea
(20 mg. of caffeine per serving.)

You can find Lipton's Vanilla Caramel Truffle Black Tea at most grocery stores, online via, and it retails for around $7.00 for a box of 20. (Of course, prices will vary by store and location.)

What's in your cup?

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  1. I love the pyramid shaped bags!! My favorite is the mandarin orange green tea.

  2. That sounds delicious! I'll have to try that one next.


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