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Tips for Organizing Your Linen Closet — amodernmrs.com
It's hard to imagine how all your linens, towels, and other necessities could ever be housed in such a small space, let alone neatly, right? I mean, who are these architects kidding? I feel you! It's especially difficult in larger homes with more bedrooms and bathrooms, but no additional (or larger) closet space. That said, I'm not saying it's impossible! With these five tips, you'll be able to coordinate all your odds and ends in an organized fashion, with only minimal purchases (if any)!

Here's how I keep my linen closet neat and organized:

1) Become friends with the basket system.

I'm a huge fan of the basket system. It's definitely my go-to organizational method. Incorporate a mix of them throughout your closet space as needed. For example, I have a basket to hold our extra toilet paper. They're confined, kept off the floor for sanitary purposes, but are out of the bag for aesthetics and easy access. I also have a basket for my extra sheets. I keep them in sets inside of one basket. I have a final basket for our extra blankets. (Not comforters.) Where the baskets are not, I have our towels rolled — not folded — and stacked for maximum storage.

I like to keep my baskets offset from each other. My sheets basket is to the right of the one shelf, whereas the blankets basket is to the left on another. It's personal preference, but I feel this looks nicer.

2) Install shelf dividers.

Whether you purchase manufactured shelf dividers, or you DIY your own, shelf dividers are perfect for closets with wide shelves. They'll keep your stacked linens, rolled (or folded) towels, or non-linen odds and ends neatly contained, and you could even go as far as to label their designation on the shelf edge!

On the flip side, if you have really tall shelves rather than wide, shelf dividers will help to prevent your goods from toppling over. Score!

3) Utilize all closet space, including the floor.

Remember my toilet paper basket I mentioned? I keep this basket on the floor of my closet. That area of my closet was basically unused, and when you're working with a lack of space, all space is necessary! Depending on how much height you have to work with, you could add a taller basket for longer items, or add a stackable organizer and further maximize the space.

Don't forget about that top shelf, even if you can't reach it easily (like myself). Place your bulky bedding or extra pillows on that shelf. They'll have plenty of room, won't eat up your prime shelf real estate (which is where you need your towels and linens), and you won't waste square footage.

4) Don't forget the door!

The door often goes unutilized in most homes, and I'm not just talking closet doors, which is a shame because they have something to offer too! Install an over-the-door organizer, or a few towel bars, and hang delicate or awkward linens. Or, hang some wire shelving and add your rolls of wrapping paper. Just be sure it doesn't stick too far out to where you can't close the door.

Whichever your need, opportunity knocks... on your closet door.

5) Two words: Space Bags.

Where the basket method is my number one organizational method, Space Bags are my number two. I freaking love those things! They're plastic bags with a slider enclosure, and you hook your vacuum hose up to it and remove all the air. This compacts the items inside to where the bag is almost flat. You may ask, "Won't that ruin my items? What about long-term?" I wondered those same things, friends, and I can tell you none of my items have been damaged using Space Bags, even the ones that were kept long-term. Once you re-open the bag, they fluff right up, and you're able to use the bags again!

Space Bags are available in several sizes, ranging from travel-sized (think carry-on) to jumbo, which is for super large or multiple items. I use Space Bags in my coat closet for the coats we don't regularly wear. I also use them to house our extra bath mats and holiday decor (towels, pot holders, etc.), and keep them on the bottom shelf of my linen closet. I'm able to stack them nice and neat, and can swap items in and out with minimal effort. (Just the effort required to vacuum the air out again.)

Seriously, if you need to maximize space, and you have a lot of items with no other home, use some Space Bags. You'll thank me later.

Fret not. It can be done! Baskets, shelf dividers, towel bars, and Space Bags are all inexpensive organizational methods that can be obtained and installed with minimal skill and effort. And, you'll have a neat and tidy linen closet you can open with confidence.

Are there any methods or products you swear by? Please share in the comments! Bonus points if you want to share a photo of your system too!

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  1. I don't have any methods to share, but I'm really liking the put sets inside the pillowcase idea! Martha is a smart lady!


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