Tips for Keeping an Organized Car


Tips for Keeping an Organized Car —
Confession: There is one spot in my car that is not neat and tidy. Care to guess?

It's my center console.

It's always crammed full of receipts and other odds-and-ends when in a hurry and need to put something somewhere. Mostly, though, it's receipts. But then there's the backseat, where my seven-year-old likes to hide things... or openly destroy.... depends on the day. Whether you're single, married, or have a family, there has undoubtedly been a time or two when your car has been a complete disaster. If not, consider yourself lucky, but feel free to read this article and laugh at the rest of us less fortunate.

1. Designate a trash receptacle.

Honestly, it could be something as simple as a recycled plastic grocery bag, but I recommend using a plasticware container with a flip-up top. This way, you won't have to worry about bag malfunctions and your garbage spewing back out into your car.

My product of choice? A Sure Fresh Reusable Container, which can be purchased at Dollar Tree for a whopping $1.00. I mean, who wants to splurge when it involves garbage? To line or not to line, that is your preference, but if you have kids, lining may be best. (All the sticky things when it comes to kids.) Having the lid will reduce spills and contain any odors as well.

There are a number of products to choose from, ranging in style and price, but try not to get too carried away. Like I said, garbage.

2. Introduce a system for storing receipt and important papers. (Excluding your owner's manual, which we all know is destined to forever remain in the glove compartment.)

Don't be like me, folks. Don't let your bank receipts and to-do lists roam aimlessly in your center console. Whether it's a simple envelope or an expanding file like this C-Line 13-Pocket Poly Expanding File, find something where you can keep your papers in an organized fashion.

I prefer expanding files because you can organize your papers by task, function, name, etc. They're also great for organizing coupons, but that's a separate topic entirely.

3. If you're a parent, invest in seat protectors!

When I had my Volvo, it was a never-ending battle to remove the footprints, scuffs, smudges, and other irritants from the back of my passenger seat. You see, L liked to rest her feet, kick the seat, and Lord knows what else back there, and the proof was allll over the place.

Then the time came to trade in my Volvo, and I got my Mazda. A brand new Mazda. My very first brand new vehicle ever. Needless to say, I was not interested in repeat occurrences with my seat backs.

Insert Seat Back Protectors. This has been one of my best investments! Not only does it protect your backseat, but it has a top mesh sectional where your kids can keep their cups, toys, blankets, and whatever else they like to keep in the car.

4. Consider a collapsible organizer for your trunk.

Last, but not least, we can't forget about the trunk! If your trunk doesn't have stowaway storage compartments (which many do not), you should consider a trunk organizer. There are tons of these floating around online and in-stores, in various sizes, shapes, color and patterns, but I like the ones with the hard sides and handles. Hard sides vs. the soft bag-style organizers like Thirty-One's.

Don't get me wrong; I have nothing against Thirty-One totes. It's just that the hard exterior/sides/handles makes it easier to remove the organizer when full. The EZ Storage Solutions' Trunk Organizer & Cooler is a wonderful product as it is multi-functional. The cooler is separate, so you can use it as-needed, or leave it home and utilize the extra compartment. This particular trunk organizer also has outer compartments for added storage options!

Tip: Trunk organizers can be found at auto supply stores if you have trouble finding them at a Target or Walmart store.

I'd love to hear any additional tips you have for keeping an organized car!

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