Target Clearance Breakdown


Important Target Clearance Information —
Target is, without a doubt, my most favorite store. I love shopping there! It's well lit, clean, spacious, carries great brands and products (which are almost always in stock), and has really good sales. Oh, and let's not forget the Starbucks in-store, mmkay?

Whenever I'm shopping at Target, one of the first things I do is check the clearance section. I have scored many a good deal from a clearance rack. But, have you ever wondered.... "Is there a method to this madness?" Is it random, by chance, that this item went on clearance? When might I expect clearance items to pop up again?

I have the answers to your questions!

That's right, friends. I can tell you exactly which departments will be on clearance on what day of the week, and I made this information into a handy graphic, because those are always nice to look at, aren't they?

(Please note, this information may differ by store or location, so it couldn't hurt to double-check your local Target for confirmation.)

Target Clearance Breakdown

Target Clearance Breakdown —

The Final Sticker

Now, here's the rub. When you spy that clearance item you just have to have, should you scoop it up, or hold off with the hopes it'll be marked down even further... and still be there the next time you check? Here's what I've learned:

  • If the price ends in "8" (ex. $19.98), that item will be marked down again.
  • If the price ends in "4" (ex. $11.04), that's the lowest price that item will be.
Awesome, right? Happy Savings!

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  1. Oh my gosh. I feel the same way. I love Target but I also love some great deals! Thanks for the info. I'm partial to the cosmetics clearance section :)

  2. But of course! Now you know which days to go! :)


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