How to Secure Your Accent Rugs


How to Secure Accent Rugs —
I hate frumpled rugs. I really do! I equally hate that heart-stopping moment when you feel your feet give out under you while you're on a Scumbag Steve rug. Perhaps you have an equally-annoying, Runaway Bride wannabe rug, and you are just dy-ing to put a stop to its shenanigans? Solidarity, sister (or brother). I feel you.

There's this one rug in my life that has sabotaged me many a time. I have rearranged, flipped back over, and altogether spent too much time on this rug. The time had come. It had to be dealt with. That said, I was not at all interested in spending money on having a pad/gripper custom-made for my smallish rug. You see, most readily-made pad/grippers come in larger sizes, such as the ones you commonly see in large living spaces. (Think bedrooms, living rooms, etc.) That's all fine and dandy, but what about us with the little guy rugs?

I have a solution!

Well, two, actually. Both methods work equally well, and are really just a matter of personal preference and your particular rug's material.

Method One

Okay, so you know those shelf liners you can put in kitchen cabinets and drawers to keep things from sliding around? Man, I love those things. Like, a deep-hearted, serious love. They're so versatile! But, back to the point. They can be purchased just about anywhere, and are available in a variety of colors and patterns, but hey, that sucker is going on the bottom of your rug, so no need to get fancy.

Depending on the size of your rug, you may be able to get away with one roll of liner. Just cut the liner to fit the length of the rug, then lay it on the floor where you want your rug to stay the hell in place stay put. Shelf liners are gripped on both the top and bottom, so the bottom will allow the liner to stick (figuratively speaking) to your floor, while the top will stick to the rug.

Now, if the backside of your rug is giving you grief (just like that rug to do that, right...), you'll want to consider a different approach. Lucky for you, this approach is my second method! Woot!

Method Two

Do you like tape? Are you strangely satisfied by the pulling, and the tearing, and the sticking? Yes? Well, today really is your lucky day, because my other method is a roll of tape specifically engineered to keep your scumbag rug where it belongs.

Said tape is called rug gripper tape, and it is double-sided tape that's safe for most surfaces (including hardwood), lasts for-ever, and is totally customizable. Just measure how long or wide you need the strip(s), cut, peel off one side and attach to the rug, then peel off the other and arrange on your floor. I have been using this product on one of my decorative rugs for... goodness... years, and without issue! I have even removed the rug from the tape (while the tape is still on the floor), washed and dried the rug, and put it back on, and it still stays!

Whichever method you go with, you'll be spending around $10 or less, unless you go with the super fancy rug grippers, but like I said, there's no need for that. I'm telling you, not having that rug slip around and jeopardize my life.... well, there's no going back. Nope. Scumbag Rug stays put, I stay safe, and the world keeps right on spinning.

Is there a rug that's the bane of your existence? Are you planning revenge with the help of shelf liners or rug gripper tape? Do share!

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