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How to Make Homemade Baby Wipes — a Modern Mrs.
One day I was browsing Pinterest. I know; can you believe it? Craziness! Well, one day I was browsing Pinterest, and found a pin that featured Courtney Fowler's recipes for homemade baby wipes, bleach wipes, and glass cleansing wipes. I wondered... Was it worth it? Does it actually save money (because baby wipes aren't that expensive)? Needless to say, this had to be tested.

First, the recipe.

Homemade Baby Wipes

  • ½ of a roll of name brand paper towels. Trust me when I say generic simply will not do. The wipes will disintegrate in no time, and you'll be left with a soggy, useless mess.
  • 2 ¼ cups water.
  • 2 tbs. all-in-one baby wash. As in, the head-to-toe stuff. Any brand will do — dealer's choice.
  • 1 tbs. baby oil.
In a bowl, mix the water, baby wash, and baby oil together.

  1. Place the ½ roll of paper towels into your container of choice. I used a plasticware container, but you could use a recycled wipes container, glass container, etc.
  2. Pour this mixture over the paper towels.
  3. Remove the cardboard roll. It will slide right out. Ta da!
  4. To start the wipes, begin your pull from the center. This will create the handy pop-up effect we love about commercial baby wipes.
DIY Baby Wipes — a Modern Mrs.
And just like that, you have homemade baby wipes! The difference between these and that of Pampers or Huggies is not only ingredients, but whether you chose a quilted or non-quilted paper towel. I used Viva paper towels, which are non-quilted, and they did just fine at removing all the naughty bits during diaper changes.

Pssst! Use a non-serrated blade to cut your paper towels. I did not do this initially and had sawed off bits of paper towel all over the place. Not good, folks. Avoid it.

Now, the savings.

Now that we've talked about the fun that is making your own baby wipes, let's discuss any possible savings in doing so. Flat out, there are savings. If that's all you needed to know, then we are done here.

Thanks for stopping by.

See you next time.

But, if you're like me, and you want to know exactly how much savings are involved (because if we're talking pennies, then pfffft), keep reading. Look at me... sounding all science-y and stuff.

The average container of baby wipes yields 80 wipes for around $2.50. The average roll of paper towels yields anywhere between 50 and 100 sheets, depending on the brand, and it retails for around $2.69. Considering you'll be cutting a roll in half, and you'll be using pennies worth of baby wash and baby oil per batch, it breaks down as the following:

*Calculated based on my materials.

  • $1.34 worth of paper towels
  • $0.09 in baby wash
  • $0.15 in baby oil
for a grand total of $1.58. That's a savings of about $0.92! I say "about" because this will vary based on which wipes you're comparing to, and which brand of paper towels, baby wash and baby oil you purchased. Overall, though, we're talking more than a few pennies.

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Will you try making your own baby wipes?

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  1. This is pretty awesome. I'm definitely going to try it. Ty for your love of pinterest! You've found some great recipes.

  2. Yes! I'm sure this could come in handy at your house. Let me know how you like them! Right? I'm not crafty enough to come up with stuff without some sort of a base.


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